Being a Bigger Person (I didn’t give a poopy diaper gift)

As disappointed as I was in my 1st Mother’s Day (I even declared that I was just going to give Jeremy a diaper full of poop) – I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t be a jerk.

For those of you that want the quick summary of what I did for Jeremy’s first Father’s Day, here goes:

  • Let him sleep later than me! I got up with the dogs and the baby.
  • Made him breakfast (blueberry begium waffles with fresh strawberries)
  • Planted some plants (something I had asked Jeremy to do 2 weeks ago and even worse? This was a project we started 2 SUMMERs ago). I don’t garden but I wanted to get it done before (1) it got ass-hot outside and (2) our neighbors woke up so I wouldn’t be choking in their cigarette smoke.
  • “mowed” the lawn. I used our weed whacker (my first time!) and trimmed the grass out back.
  • Used a power tool! Can you tell I’m not very handy? In looking at what I had planted (lavender plants) – we reassessed where we had placed all of our planters in the backyard. I took down several with the power drill. Go me.
  • Did all the crap errands sans partner but with a 17 lb baby strapped to my chest. This included a run to Home Depot for more soil (I bought 2 big bags WITH NO HELP FROM ANYONE in getting them loaded into the cart AND into my car).
  • Gave him sunglasses and a t-shirt.

I guess this is the point where I’m supposed to blog about what a wonderful dad Jeremy is to Annie but I’m just not that mushy. Yes, he’s a pretty good dad. He’s a pretty good partner (although there are times when I just want to punch him in the face).

I’ve heard a few people vent about their partners and I think that I’m lucky that Jeremy is attentive, caring, seems to geniunely want to hang with his daughter and even helps me with baby duties (because he believes that we should both be changing diapers, getting up with the baby, etc.).

Annie wanted to thank her dad too by giving him a picture of her footprint since her feet will never be this tiny again.

Happy Father's Day

And by thanking her dad, she spent the majority of this craft crying and struggling (as evidenced by the left footprint). She apparently didn’t like having paint slathered onto her feet in a bathtub with 2 women (my friend Kristin helped me to execute this craft). She’s such a drama queen, sometimes.

And here’s a cute picture of Annie from Saturday right before she became possessed by the devil (she was up off and on at night crying… this was a first since she was a NEWBORN).

Sweet girl

I posted about my exhausting night on Facebook. For those of you wondering – we think it was because she hadn’t pooped all day. And she definitely blessed me the next morning with several gifts of poo.

** Update **  Jeremy read this post and was a little peeved at the tone (and by how I may have portrayed him).  In my defense – I had written something different but decided to scrap the extra text but completely forgot that it mentioned some important facts… like how Jeremy had class all weekend.  So here’s Jeremy’s response to me:

Your post makes me sound like an “A” and not the letter grade “A”.  You forgot to mention that you were sans husband because he was in class all day and that I helped with planting duties by holding the baby and keeping her occupied.  And it hadn’t been two weeks that the plants did not get planted.  We bought them on 06/11 and they didn’t get planted due to bad weather and then class this past weekend.”



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4 responses to “Being a Bigger Person (I didn’t give a poopy diaper gift)

  1. prettylittlereckless

    That is such a great gift idea! I love the little feet! This might even be cool to do yearly? Instead or in addition to measuring height?

    Very cute!

  2. I love how you let him defend himself but didn’t change your argument. You stand up for yourself, mamma!

  3. Keepin’ it real. Love it. And cute gift from Annie!

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