Questions (Sometimes I Wonder…)

Because I really have nothing to blog about (except for baby stuff – but really, do you guys only want to read about baby stuff?  I’m trying to find a good balance) – I’m going to ramble about some things that have been on my mind lately.

Sometimes I wonder…

… if I’ll ever get a good, long, solid sleep (and past 6am) ever again.

… how I married someone into such dorky things like movies/shows about aliens (Jeremy is currently watching a dvr’ed episode of Falling Skies… and he likes this show)

… if we’ll ever be able to move out of the city anytime soon.

… if I’ll ever find a good work / life balance that doesn’t leave me feeling completely drained.

… if I’ll ever get up to running 6 miles.  Right now I’m at 4.5 miles.

… if I’ll ever be able to go full vegan.  Now that I have a baby – I feel like I can’t continue to lead this hypocritical “I don’t eat animals” stance while still consuming some animal by products (like dairy).

… if I’ll ever get a massage.  I’m so achy!

… if I should get a pedicure.  Is it worth the splurge?  Can I manage the up keep?  When did my feet become so sensitive?

… how hoarders can live in their conditions.  (Jeremy just changed the channel to Hoarders)

… what would have happened had I followed my original degree path of Psychology and pursued a career in that field.

… if and when we’ll have another baby.

… how hard it would be to learn to sew.  Right now I’d love to sew new curtains in the kitchen.  And I’d also love to sew some super cute baby girl dresses.

… if I’m doing any sort of parental thing correctly.  We introduced solids this week but I can’t help but wonder if we did it correctly.  Do you ever really know?

… how Annmarie can go several days without pooping and seem fine whereas I would die.

… how some babies look so much like one of their parents but Annmarie doesn’t look like either of us.  Did we take the wrong baby home?

… why some adults act like such babies.

What have you been wondering lately?



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4 responses to “Questions (Sometimes I Wonder…)

  1. Amy

    I wish I could sew too! I have a half finished dress right now and would love to finish putting it together so I could wear it!

    My random thoughts right now:
    – am I wasting my time with a certain someone?
    – me heart says cosmetology, but my brain says ‘you have a psych degree, go for a licensure program instead.’
    – if I buy a house next year, can I really afford it?

    Hope you’re having a great week!

  2. Amber

    I think Annmarie looks like a quarter Asian Jeremy. Where do you want to move if you move out of the city? Also, some cows are treated pretty nicely when they are milked, you don’t have to kill them, so I don’t think not eating meat but not being vegan is hypocritical at all.

  3. charmcitykim

    That’s a good question – I have no idea. It all really depends on where Jeremy ends up getting a job. I’d like to leave Maryland (since I’ve been here for most of my life) but I’m starting to think that might not happen. Now we have to think of school districts (yikes!). We go back and forth a lot on where we’d move.

  4. Some thoughts of my own based on your thoughts:

    …getting a pedicure is always work it, even if it gets wrecked a few days later. Just the experience is delightful.

    …I love Hoarders, almost as much as I love Intervention.

    …babies are surprisingly unbreakable. Like, I think you have to actively work at messing them up. So don’t fret it. Unless you were talking about introducing solid *foods* to her. I’m pretty sure that’s going to make her a serial killer.

    …you actually brought home a badger, but we’ve all been too embarrassed to tell you. Kidding. Personally, I think all babies look the same, parents just like to see themselves in their particular baby. All that matters is that Annmarie is fucking adorable and she’s fucking lucky to have been born to you two.

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