Fred Flinstone Feet

Since having Annmarie, I’ve let a lot of things go like getting my hair cut (my bangs are currently at that weird length where they are too long to leave down, but too short to stay back without a bobby pin), my eyebrows threaded and pampering my feet.

A part of letting this stuff go has to do with my questioning if they are worth the expense anymore.

Since I keep hitting stuff with my car (thereby increasing my auto insurance by $1k a year), I figured I should maybe cut back on the splurges. But now that the weather is warmer and I can wear flip-flops and other cute sandals, I’m looking at my feet a lot more. And holy hell, I have man feet.

This photo doesn’t even do my feet justice.  They are seriously jacked right now.  Here is another photo proving how man-ish my feet are:

When I initially looked at this photo, I thought, “Wow – Jeremy has a really wide stance”.  But then I noticed the toe on his other foot and realized I was looking at MY man foot.  Yowza.

(btw – isn’t my baby just the cutest?  And do you like how I’ve squeezed her into an obviously too small romper?)

I know that I could polish my own toenails.  But that good nail polishing gene that seems to be innate in most Asians?  Yeah – I think I inherited the white people nail polishing skills (thanks, Dad).  I was polishing my toenails in May but eventually stopped and removed the polish because I was just highlighting how jacked my toes looked.

I’ve also developed this weird fear of the nail technicians.  I had one bad pedicure (the lady made me bleed!) so my feet have become hypersensitive to the tools.  I shudder when I think about it.  But do I suck it up for vanity?  Or do my man feet somehow make me adorable?  “Aw – look at that awesome new mom and her man feet.  Isn’t she precious?



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7 responses to “Fred Flinstone Feet

  1. I let my toes go too and I hate it. I am going to get a pedicure soon. Let’s do a pedicure date!

  2. Stacy

    Ahhh! I had a really bad pedicure in November that my feet have just started recovering from (no joke, she pretty much lifted my big toe nail from the big toe itself and caused so much pain). i’m secretly terrified to go get my nails done.

    But…my feet look the same as yours above (except I have REALLY ugly feet and three surgeries to boot trying to fix it!). And I also have the white people gene!

  3. TreeTownHugh

    She may have Fred Flinstone feet, but the rest is Betty Rubble.

  4. Amy

    Whether you like your feet or not- pedicures are awesome! You could always have them just paint your toes if you don’t want the full pedicure. My only thing with pedicures is that I won’t let them shave the dead skin from my feet. Hell to the no. Clean razor or not, there’s no need for it. A good scrub with a pumice stone does just fine. I recommend going to a beauty supply store and picking up a Mr Pumice. I buff my feet daily to keep ’em looking good.

  5. Meredith

    I say this with love —- Get a flipping pedicure!!!!

    My place is $18 and they are fantastic – very gentle and the workers don’t sit there and talk shit about you in their native language (okay I don’t know what they are saying but I always assume they are making fun of me otherwise they’d speak English!) I’ve been going to them for 5 years and never have had an issue!

  6. I repeat: pedicures are always worth it.

    That being said, they are a little expensive for my budget. I might get one every couple of months, but usually I just paint my own toes. Yeah, they’re still covered with callouses, and maybe a little hair, but I guess I just don’t really care that much. Paint ’em black and rock it out!

  7. mamare

    well holy poopinstien i dont no wat to say, but thank god for socks. u think u got man feet girl u just been placed ,i got the megladon of man feet and yep they are all messed up too and guess wat i gots the white man gene too waaaaaaaah we gots bunions an corns and i think the fungus is amung us to boot, been workin wit heel tastic its doing good for the cracks but the fungus i still cant get rid of him oh were talking feet huh? well good luck

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