Cell Phone Pictures (Wow – I only seem to take pics of my baby now)

I used to snap a lot of photos of random things with my cell phone (and sadly it was usually of food).  But these days, my phone has been taken over by baby pictures.  LOTS OF THEM. 

While I try to stay on top of taking pictures and posting them on Flickr or Facebook, the cell phone pics generally don’t make their way to the interweb. 

So I thought I’d pluck a few of my favorite cell phone pictures and share them with you guys.

Annmarie was just 1 day old in this picture (not even a full day – this was taken the NIGHT of the day she was born).  She is so tiny!  I love this picture because it was showcasing Jeremy’s new dad skills.  I was having difficulty getting in and out of bed so Jeremy handled the majority of the diaper changes in the hospital.  But seriously – I know this picture is really blurry but look at her tiny little face. 

Doesn’t this just melt your heart?  It was taken the same night as the picture above it.  Jeremy is doting on his new baby.  I’m getting really sentimental here, guys.

This pic was taken on February 22 (so she was a little over 2 weeks old).  Jeremy had just returned to work and I was so bored.  SO BORED.  I posted this on Facebook with the message, “Do you think guys will make passes at this girl in glasses?” or something equally dorky.

This pic was taken on Feb 25th (so almost 3 weeks old).  We used to lay her on a pillow on our lap like this and she would fall asleep.  And Jeremy thought it would be funny to pose her with the empty bottle of soda, apparently.

Pic taken on March 5th (very early in the morning) by Jeremy.  I don’t have many pictures of just me and Annmarie so I love this picture.  You can see how tired I am but I loved these little moments in the morning when she’d fall asleep on my chest.

Picture taken on March 15th.  This was my 2nd outting with Annmarie and the dogs to Patterson Park.  Trying to reign in 2 very excited dogs with a stroller often left me with bruises around my wrists from where I had the leashes looped. 

Pic taken on April 25th.  I was experimenting with holding Annmarie in the forward facing position in the Moby Wrap so that I could do some stuff around the house.  I wanted to make sure she looked comfortable in it so I looked in the mirror.  Seeing her like this made me laugh out loud.  (I was nearing the end of my maternity leave and was BORED OUT OF MY MIND.  Can you tell?)

Pic taken on April 26th.  I had purchased these matching outfits for Annmarie and her soon to be BFF, Reid (he wasn’t born yet when I bought these outfits).  Reid is only 4 days old and we stopped by for a visit.  I was SO HAPPY that I had someone to spend my day with.  Clearly the babies weren’t as thrilled.

Pic taken April 30th (by Jeremy).  How frickin’ adorable is she in her oversized sun hat?  I look like an ass but I just love how cute Annmarie looks in the Moby Wrap.  I think this was around the week that I became obsessed with the idea of “flat head” and declared that I would only wear Annmarie for walks going forward (instead of the stroller). 

Pic taken May 1st.  This is one of my absolute favorite pictures.  I wish I had taken it with a nice camera and not my stupid cell phone.  I love the look on Annmarie’s face.

Pic taken May 21st.  This picture makes me laugh because I don’t know why Annmarie is curling her lip up like Elvis.

Pic taken June 4th.  I had purchased this overpriced (but on sale) Juicy Couture swimsuit for Annmarie while I was still pregnant.  I had NO idea about baby clothing sizes but just relied on the ages written on the size.  I purchased the swimsuit based on her age in the summer (3-6 months).  Now that I realize that she is HUGE, I should have purchased the next size up.  But because this little swimsuit was more than I thought a swimsuit should cost, I wanted to see if she’d even fit into it.  And she does! 

I have over 300 pictures of her on my phone.  I feel like I should probably back these up somewhere.  How do you manage your cell phone pictures?



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6 responses to “Cell Phone Pictures (Wow – I only seem to take pics of my baby now)

  1. I freaking love the picture of Jeremy and Annmarie making faces at each other. Priceless.

    The answer to your “How do you manage your pictures?” question used to be, “I don’t,” but after several frustrating evenings spent trying to figure out how to get the fuckers off my phone and into a fucking blog post Kyle finally convinced me to set up Photobucket. It’s an app that automatically shoots all your pictures to the web, and they’re super easy to deal with from there. Much more effective than swearing and throwing my phone.

  2. It’s crazy how fast they grow! So cute.

  3. what in the world are you guys watching on television in the last picture?

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  5. Traci

    The first photo of Kolton on my phone is #446 I am now at 1,332! Granted I’ve taken multiple shots of the same set up like his weekly photos. But I use my phone religiously. It’s criminal because I know they are not the best quality but I always have my phone handy. To manage them I use the Shutterfly App. That way I can select which ones I upload it makes me feel so much better knowing if something happens to my phone my favorites are safe!

  6. kristin

    i am the opposite and have been using only my phone to post pictures on FB b/c i’m too lazy to hook up the real camera(s) to the computer and load the pictures. i also have a ton, and usually each time i try to take 1 picture of Reid, he’s being so cute (or uncooperative when i’m trying to capture a smile) that it turns into a photo shoot of at least 4-5 pics.

    all of our hospital/birth pictures were from my phone b/c we didn’t bring the hospital bag inside when we checked in and he came so quickly my phone camera was all we had. jackson backed up all the pics by taking the sim card out and loading them on our computer. he’s my techno geek.

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