Its My Birthday (& I really don’t care)

My birthday is coming up and I really don’t care.  For anyone that knows me – this is a very strange thing.

I’ve always looked forward to my birthday.  I’ve always made a fuss about it.  I used to declare that it was my birthday month therefore I deserved special treatment.

But this year?  I really don’t care.  Is it the fact that I had a milestone birthday last year so this year is kind of… meh?  Or is it because I now have a baby so my birthday really isn’t that exciting anymore (and probably never will be again)?

My birthday falls during the work week and while I’ve taken the day off of work (I might not care about a big hoorah but I sure as hell am not working!) – I still plan on dropping Annie off at daycare.  Jeremy asked me what I wanted to do  to celebrate (especially since we’ll be sans baby for 8 hrs).

All I want to do is go to the movies!  How sad, right?  We used to be big movie people and since having a baby, we haven’t gone to the movies.  Actually – we went to see Harry Potter (something I’m not proud of because I am not a fan of the franchise) over the weekend.  Otherwise – we haven’t gone to a movie.  So that’s all I want to do. 

It is a weird feeling to not care about something that used to mean so much to me before.

As for gifts – the only thing I asked from Jeremy was that he take more pictures of me with Annie WITHOUT me having to ask him to.  He pointed out that there aren’t many pictures of him with Annie anymore but I really wanted to point out that the pictures of me with Annie consist of grainy cell phone pictures like this one:
Walking in the park

Or these stupid and not so flattering pictures…
Hanging Outside
Hanging Outside
Weekly Photo Prep
Mom and Daughter
She really just won't smile on cue

I also wish he had the power to bestow knowledge and skills upon me… like sewing and crocheting.  Or photography.  I’ve had my DSLR for several years now and I declare ALL THE TIME that I will learn to shoot in manual mode (or at least understand the settings).  I bought “Understanding Exposure” last year and only read the first 10 pages. 

Or Korean.  I’ve had Rosette Stone for 4 years now and have never used it!  I wanted to learn some Korean (outside of the few words I know today like Hello, Thank You, Fart, Your Vagina Stinks, Stupid, Son of a Bitch) so that Annie could be somewhat bilingual.  I planned to use Rosetta Stone while I was pregnant.  Big fail on my part. 

So does anyone want to give me a crash course on any of the following…

– Sewing
– Crocheting
– Photography
– Korean

?  Please?  Its for my birthday!



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3 responses to “Its My Birthday (& I really don’t care)

  1. kristin

    Talk to my mom about the sewing – I’ll volunteer her to help you. And I have a friend who crochets (she made Reid a really nice blanket) so I can get her to teach you and I (and we can be crafty moms together). Tell your mom to only speak Korean to you and you’ll be forced to figure out what she’s talking about (or you’ll just end up speaking to her less…). That’s all I’ve got. Good luck with the photography.

  2. I can’t be any help with your crash courses, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  3. At first glance the first picture looked like Annmarie was growing out of your chest like an alien. I thought maybe this was your answer to her eventual question “Where did I come from?”. Also, that last picture is my FAVORITE.

    Sadly, I can help you with none of your requests. I used to know how to crochet hair scrunchies but that’s not helpful because A) I can’t remember how to crochet any more and B) hair scrunchies haven’t been in style in at LEAST 10 years.

    Also, happy birthday, Superwoman.

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