Quick update on why I’ve been MIA

To my 4 readers out there – I’m giving you a quick update on why I’ve been MIA lately.  If you’re a reader that also happens to follow me on Twitter, this will probably be more of the follow-up you’re looking for.

Last week I tweeted that my dad had a heart attack.

Well, he didn’t.  All signs pointed to heart attack but it turned out that his heart medication had turned toxic and caused his heart rate to drop dangerously low.

The docs ran a series of tests to try to rule out other major issues because my dad was showing a lot of symptoms outside of the low heart rate.

The last hypothesis was that he had an obstruction in his esophagus that made eating/drinking very difficult (and reached a point where it was nearly impossible in the hospital).  He was severely dehydrated and his kidneys were starting to shut down.  His body wasn’t properly digesting his heart medication and that is why it turned toxic.

He spent several days in the hospital with NO food or drink.  He eventually got an IV nutrient line on Saturday night (after having NO food since Tuesday).

In that time, I learned what type of underwear my dad wears since I was requested to go buy him some.  Actually, my mom requested that I take him some of Jeremy’s underwear… and that was a line that I was not willing to cross.

He got an endoscopy yesterday to determine the cause of the obstruction.

And he checked himself out of the hospital last night against medical advice.  According to my dad – he was “fixed”.  They cleared the obstruction and, according to him, were just trying to bleed his insurance company dry. 

According to the nurses on duty, they hadn’t received the results of the endoscopy and my dad is in a fragile state.  He has an aneurysm in his heart (we’ve known about this) and given what his body has been through lately – he really should go to a hospital for monitoring. 

So – that’s what’s going on with me with now.

In the midst of all of this, I’ve noticed some early signs of Alzheimer’s in my dad that I truly hope were just related to being deliriously starved and rundown.  He seemed to forget how long he was in the hospital.  He asked the same questions repeatedly (and not because he was demanding answers that weren’t getting answered… because he truly forgot he asked in the first place).

Unrelated to my dad’s hospital stint – Petie now has a severe respitory infection and someone a-hole hit Jeremy’s parked car ($1300 worth of damage!). 

Sorry to get all Debbie Downer on you guys – but I didn’t want to leave people hanging.

I’m in desperate need of a good laugh or two – so please share some funny stories with me!



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10 responses to “Quick update on why I’ve been MIA

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about all that you have going on. It seems like when it’s one thing, it’s a million things. Sending positive thoughts your way.

    My attempt to make you laugh: On Sunday we took my 2 1/2 year old to church for maybe the 3rd time in his life. He was super well behaved as we had lots of little surprises to keep him occupied. Anyway, after the choir sang, everyone clapped politely. Right as the last clap was being clapped, my son turns around, fist pumps and screams wooooooo hooooooo! The preacher said it was nice to have some young enthusiasm at church. I laughed until I cried. I’m still laughing actually.

  2. Danielle H

    Kim – I’m sorry to hear about all of the awful ordeals you’ve had going on! I really hope your dad and your pup are ok!

    A conversation my husband and I just had during a TLC commercial about Pippa Middleton:
    Me: I don’t understand why people make sure a huge deal over Pippa Middleton. I think she looks like she’s 40.
    Him: Who is she?
    Me: Kate Middleton’s sister!
    Him: Who the hell is Kate Middleton?

    Sigh. Men.

  3. I’m sorry about all of the crappiness going on in your life! I hope everything (everyone) gets better soon!

    My dad was telling me today about taking the grandkids (my niece and nephew) to McDonald’s for lunch. Being Grampa, he doesn’t know what they usually eat, but they got their chicken nugget happy meals, and he ordered them Coke to drink (they never drink Coke). He said my nephew took a drink, and grabbed his throat and started coughing (he’s a bit dramatic), and said, Oh my gosh that burned my throat up.
    Maybe you have to know him, but I can picture him doing it and it cracks me up.

  4. Gah! That sounds awful and very stressful.

    I have no funny stories to share…except we’re about to eat a Birthday Pie (from Harry & David) that our friends sent Brent for his birthday because he recently declared that he’s *over* cake and only wants birthday pie from now on.

  5. Traci

    Kim, I had no idea you were going through so much! Hang in there! When it rains it pours doesn’t it? I know you either need a good laugh or a good cry, or both! I just posted a funny baby poo story on my blog if your interested.

  6. Wow – that’s quite a bit. I hope everything starts to get better really really soon.

  7. Oh no! That’s too much to handle all at once. I’m sorry. 😦 What a stressful, stressful time. I will hope things get better very soon. Unfortunately, I have no funny stories to share but that church story really got me, so I’m going to ride her coattails. Thinking of you.

  8. Holy fuck monkeys! That’s the kind of week that in the movies the main character says with a dejected sigh, “Well, at least it can’t get any worse,” right before a giant crack of thunder rings and it starts dumping down rain. I hope your week truly does get better. Lord knows you deserve it.

    Okay, I don’t know if this one is more funny or gross, but seeing as your a girl who appreciates her poops, you might like this one. So we went to Cape Cod last weekend with some friends, right? And I got super duper sunburned, but only on my back and hips. Well, when we got back from the Cape, I went ahead and went for my four mile run anyway, because, I mean, it’s just a sunburn. And when I got back, I was getting undressed to shower and I was shocked to see that my back was covered with what looked like gigantic boils. After 10 minutes of running around the living room naked screaming that I was a leper, Kyle consulted Dr Google and this is what we came up with: the skin on my back was already dead, so the sweat from my run couldn’t get through the pores anymore. But the dead skin was loose, so the sweat pooled in these pockets of dead skin. So my back was literally covered in these quarter-sized bubbles of sweat. With some of the bigger ones, I could tilt my back from side to side and actually watch the sweat slosh around in its skin pocket.

    So there you go. Smile, at least your back isn’t covered with sweaty bubbles!

  9. What a rough and very stressful time for you! My thoughts are with you while you are dealing with all of this.

    I, too, recently learned about underwear. Went shopping with my mom this weekend. She was charged with picking up underwear for her “boyfriend”, who is significantly older than she is, I about died when she had me running around the store looking for mens bikinis. He’s over 70! I just kept repeating over and over, “I can’t believe he wears bikinis. I know way too much about [boyfriend’s] underwear.”

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