Everything is Fine (I’m Still Here!)

I really didn’t intend to go nearly 2 weeks without posting anything especially when my last post was a super serious post on my family. 

Quick update – my dad is a stubborn man who refuses to listen to reason.  He and my mom have repeatedly told me that he merely went to the ER about his hiccups and they’re gone now so everything is a-okay.  I’ve compared this situation to a car.  It is like they’ve taken their car to get an oil change but found out that the engine is on the verge of dying (or perhaps just has a lot of things wrong with it).  Instead of addressing the engine, they just got their oil changed and left.  That is my dad.  (And thank you everyone for your nice comments)


One of the other reasons for the long absence (even though I totally meant to blog during this time) was that we just returned from our first family vacation to the Outer Banks (Duck, NC to be exact).  Jeremy is hyper-paranoid about indicating that we’re out of town on any sort of social network so I just dropped off for a week.

We were a little nervous about traveling with a baby but took comfort in knowing that (1) we weren’t going anywhere that wouldn’t have the essentials if we needed them and (2) Jeremy’s parents were also going so we’d have help if necessary.

The drive down to the Outer Banks is about 6 hours from Baltimore.  I was concerned about the long car ride with an infant but I looked up travel advice on parenting blogs, asked parents I knew and decided that the best plan was to travel at night.  That was we wouldn’t have to worry about frequent stops and it wouldn’t throw off Annmarie’s sleep schedule too badly.  As for OUR sleep schedule?  Meh – we survived.

Overall we had a great time.  I won’t lie – I was a little nervous about vacationing with my in-laws but we really did have a good time.  Annmarie’s cousin was also there (he’s 3.5 years old) and he was really sweet with Annmarie.  I never understood families that all vacationed together (even though I’ve had a blast vacationing with one of my friend’s families to the Outer Banks… and have gone 2 years ina row with them!  But things are always different when it is your OWN family) but Jeremy and I really had a nice time.  We hope to do this again yearly!

I won’t bore you anymore with rambling.  Instead I’ll bombard you with the cutest little 6 month old on the beach pictures (we took a ton and I have had a really hard time narrowing down to just a few to share on Flickr).

Annmarie 004
She seemed to enjoy hanging in the pool in this floaty (she tried to chew on it though).

Nathan & Annmarie 2
She seemed fascinated by her cousin. It was cute to watch her watch him play.

Annmarie 047
She got a few naps in at the beach. Apparently the ocean makes for a great sound machine!

Annmarie 054
Snapping a photo of herself (okay, not really – she was just trying to grab the camera from Jeremy)

Annmarie 089
Playing with dad on the beach towel.

Annmarie 078
One of my favorite pictures from the beach.

Annmarie 136

Annmarie 127

Annmarie 143

Annmarie 140

Annmarie 179

Annmarie 175
We tried to have her pose in the sand without us and then she quickly grabbed a handful of sand and put it in her mouth.

Now this is what I call, “Trying to Get Annmarie to Pose on Things”:
Annmarie 190
She’s riding side saddle…

Annmarie 193
Now’s she’s riding a shark! She’s fearless.

Annmarie 194
She didn’t like pretending the be eaten by a shark. Party pooper.

Annmarie 198
And now she’s a pretty (albeit confused since we had just waken her up to do this) butterfly.

I have plenty more but I think I’ll stop while I’m ahead (before I bore you all to tears since they’re pretty much the SAME photos but with slightly different poses).



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7 responses to “Everything is Fine (I’m Still Here!)

  1. Love the pics! Glad you had a great time!

  2. Jaime

    Such cute photos! You look great in your bikini. My baby is about to turn two and I still have a gut. Somedays it looks like Im in the first trimester. Congrats on regaining your body.

  3. Not going to lie, totally started snorting at the adorable pictures of Annie in her swimsuits. Too cute!

  4. Traci

    Kim, I was so worried about you! But it looks like you had a wonderful vacation. Annmarie is such a doll. And she’s sitting! Tips please. I feel like Kolton is so far behind!

  5. Man she’s cute! My niece has that green and white bathing suit, too, and I think it’s adorable.

  6. That picture of her sitting up with her little hat, grinning like she just pooped herself, is too fucking adorable for words. I feel like you should have it made into a poster.

    Also, I’m glad you and your family are safe and sound. You know how dangerous those hiccups can be…

  7. Glad everyone is still OK.
    You should be on the cover of US magazine with a bikini-ready bod so soon after having kids. I can see the headlines now!

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