Playing dress up

My fabulous friend, CAG, recently challenged me to a Little Black Dress (LBD) duel.  She has taken on a challenge of wearing the same LBD for 100 days… but styled so differently that you would have NO CLUE that she was wearing the same dress.  And she’s doing this all in the name of charity.

CAG (aka Carmen) is one of my most stylish friends.  I envy her endless collection of shoes and sassy clothes (although she has told me about the difficulties in storing her clothes in her house!).  I definitely don’t have the creativity that she does so when she sent the e-mail with the challenge, I almost hit “delete”.  (sorry you had to find out this way, CAG)

But – Carmen is my friend, the charity that she is supporting is in the name of another one of my friends, so I couldn’t be a jerk.  I just had to warn CAG that it wouldn’t be much of a competition against me.  So not only did I agree to challenge her 1 day, I said I challenge her for 2 days.  I’ll post about today’s LBD reinvention in another post but I wanted to share some “dress up” time I had with Annmarie while I was trying to style my dress.

I’m not sure why I thought it would be a good idea to have Jeremy help me because his suggestion was, “I think you need a sash or something.”.  A what?  He meant scarf.  Sadly – I don’t own a lot of summery scarves but this is what happens when you try to get your husband involved in “dress up”:

Jeremy is so weird

Kim – I think this would make a really good mask if you were trying to rob a bank.”  I guess I could have gone all Lady Gaga on CAG for my LBD reinvention and just worn a scarf on my face like that.

Of course we had to then dress up Annmarie…
Playing dress up

Playing dress up

I just wanted to post this because Annmarie looks very “Brain” from “Pinky and the Brain” in this picture.  Seriously – check out her noggin.

Playing dress up



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3 responses to “Playing dress up

  1. 1) I see this scarf-on-face trend taking the world by storm. I’ll be digging mine out of the closet and debuting it at the track this afternoon.

    2) You baby is FUCKING adorable. Seriously. She almost makes me want to give birth myself, but only if I can give birth to a little Annmarie.

  2. Meredith

    Those pictures of Annmarie are too cute for words. She just looks so happy!

  3. She is beautiful. My Son was born in May and I cant wait till he is sitting up and smiling at the camera..

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