Friday Babblings

In an effort to stay on top of blogging, I’m posting something today. Unfortunately I don’t have a single topic worth an entire post so I’m half assing it today with some random thoughts on my mind right now listed out nicely with bullet points.

  • I’ve been a loyal Netflix member for about 8 years now.  I’ve seen them through various rate hikes but this latest one actually made me change my plan.  I love the idea of being able to stream movies and tv shows but the problem is that Netflix doesn’t have much of a selection.  It seemed silly to pay extra for a service we barely use.  I dropped it but that doesn’t go into effect for us until September 6th.  And go figure – out of boredom the other day I noticed that Netflix has the first 4 seasons of Mad Men.  And now I’m hooked!  I’m really into this stupid show.  I might actually pay for streaming for the month of September so I can power through this show.
  • I currently have a cold.  Is it possible that my baby got me sick?
  • I found a small lump in my breast a few months ago.  I had a biopsy this morning (the doc thinks it is benign and just a common nodule that occurs in breastfeeding women).  I feel like someone has punched my boob repeatedly for an hour.  And I just pumped… and holy fuck, the breastmilk is the color of ketchup and mayo mixed together (they warned me it would).  It is sort of freaking me out.  They said it is safe to give to the baby but what the hell?    I’ll have the results by the end of next week.  But apparently I can’t lift anything over 20 lbs for the next 24 hrs.  Want to know what’s over 20 lbs?  Annmarie.
  • We survived the earthquake (I was on the 10th floor of my office building!  I thought it was crumbling) and the hurricane (our power didn’t even go out).
  • We think Petie has finally been diagnosed!  It seems he has an enlarged heart.  He’ll be on 2 forms of medication for the rest of his life.  Total cost of his care up to this point?  $1700.  Ouch.
  • I love this picture of Annmarie:

 Whoa, dude

Whoa, dude… pass the milk. 



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4 responses to “Friday Babblings

  1. I have a couple friends Annmarie should really meet…

    Also, I hope your booby is okay!

  2. Dude, you had a biopsy and that wasn’t worth an entire post? Do you remember when I had mine and went on and on about it? You’re so much more awesome than me. Hope everything is ok!

    Except milk the color of ketchup and mayo. I gagged a little. And how can that be safe to give a baby? Did you do it? Did Annmarie drink it or did she gag a little too?

  3. Oh holy cow. I would be scared shitless about having to have a biopsy. Hopefully everything is ok. But, seriously, the coloring your milk freaks me out and I can’t even see it. Yikes. And your boob has to hurt like hell having to pump and everything after having that done. GEEZ!

    Glad you are safe. Earth quakes AND hurricanes! Oh my!

    Dang, pets are expensive. My cat had an eye problem. Thankfully it was nothing serious, but it cost us over $400 to figure out what it was and to learn that it would clear up on it own. Thank God.

    My parents had a dog that was allergic to fleas of all things. Cost a fortune over the dogs lifetime. But what can one do? Poor Petie.

  4. Um, you’re just mentioning the boob lump now?
    I had a boob lump once, and it was scary as hell, but ended up being benign. Just like yours will be. (I had surgery anyway, but hopefully you don’t have to. But I know the punched boob feeling.) Let me know if you need me (or Shan, for that matter.)

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