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Looking Into My Future

I had the pleasure of going to a RenaissanceĀ Festival this past weekend. Don’t have a Renn Fest in your area? Let me break it down for you:
– Lots of junk food (and foods on sticks… like mac and cheese on a stick)
– Lots of drinking (cider, beer)
– Lots of fantastic people watching (people who love to dress and speak in Renn Fest-y times)

We go every year mostly to hang with our good friends, eat junk food and people watch.

I didn’t take any pictures of the Renn Fest regulars (I can’t believe I didn’t!) but here are some pics from the festival:

I changed Annmarie’s diaper in the trunk of the car:
Changing a diaper in the trunk

She can’t resist trying to eat anything she can get her hands on:
I want what dad's eating

My friend’s purchased a little faux fox tail for their baby boy and dad won him this little wooden heart (by throwing a frickin’ AX at a target!):
Fox Tail

While at the RennĀ Fest, a friend of mine talked me into going to the palm/tarot card reader. I’ve been to a psychic before (and she was fah-reaky! she knew a lot about my past… I mean, SPECIFICS that shocked me) but don’t usually waste my money. But my friend loved this woman and really wanted to go.

So I went. I couldn’t decide if I wanted my palm read or my cards read (palms give a more high-level personality type reading whereas tarot cards are more immediate timeframes with specifics). She said she could do a little of both so I went for both.

We started with the cards and the first thing she said was that I was indecisive (gee – you think? was it the fact that I couldn’t choose between cards and palms an indicator?).

My cards were very career focused (boring!) but she noted that I’m currently learning a new skill. And this “skill” would help me in my career. She also said that I have been fearing a big loss but that I have nothing to worry about.

When she went to my palm, she noted that I worry too much. She also said I have specific standards for things and oftentimes take the, “I’ll just do it myself!” attitude because I don’t think anyone can meet my standards. She also noted that I have a bad temper. She also said that I’m a romantic (lady, you really missed the mark on that one).

I asked her about children (not mentioning that I already had one). She said she definitely saw 1 but that she sees me as being surrounded by kids. They’re not all mine (phew!). She said I’ll have 2.

My analysis?

New skill I’m learning? SEWING (sort of). I got the machine for my birthday. I’ve taken it out of the box. I’ve unsuccessfully threaded the bobbin and tried to sew a line on a rag. I’m getting there.

Surrounded by kids?

I’m totally going to be a children’s clothing designer. I mean, what other conclusion is there? šŸ™‚Ā  (Jeremy is probably shaking his head right now)

Have you ever been to a psychic?



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