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Turd Tuesday

I recently got a request to blog more about mom things (Hi, Traci!).  While I feel like I talk a lot about mom stuff, maybe I don’t?  Maybe I hold back? 

I really need to get some focus on this blog.  I was thinking about that this morning.  I need to get back to the 3 a week habit.  But my problem is that I think about so much crap that I often am left with no idea of what to blog about for a particular day.  I’ve toyed with the idea of dedicating specific days to specific topics (to help me focus) but I tried that in the past and didn’t stick with it.  I need some structure but not too much structure.  Oy!  My current ideas are:

Mommy Monday / Movie Monday

I’m a mom and I’m going to blog about mom stuff.  So there. 

As for movies, I am a Netflix junky.  I watch a lot of movies and tv shows (when Annmarie is asleep!) so maybe I could write about a particular movie that I loved/hated.  As I mentioned before, I’m currently obsessed with Mad Men.  I just started season 2.  So good! 

Whimsy Wednesday / Working Wednesday

I really struggled with the W’s.  Whimsy could be dedicated to any of my sort-of hobbies (photography and I swear I’m going to learn to sew!).  Working Wednesday would actually be the same damn thing.  I’m never going to blog about my actual job (because that’s just stupid) – but in an effort to start pursuing my hobbies, I need to put myself on the hook for creating projects. 

I have a feeling that I’ll never blog on Wednesdays.  Just sayin’.

Fashion Friday / Fitness Friday / Foodie Friday

I think this one is obvious.  Although my fitness is really just running and p90x.  But maybe I’ll blog about my running adventures one day.  And I like clothes (although you wouldn’t know it sometimes).  Maybe I’ll blog about some super awesome outfit I’m wearing that day.

As for the food – this could just be about any interesting place I’ve eaten or anything I’ve made (well, that Jeremy made).

I’m not sure why my designated days HAVE to begin with the same letter.  But it has to or I won’t like it.  I’m open to suggestions though. 

Since this is Tuesday and I didn’t suggest any potential topics for Tuesdays (this is an off day) – I’m just rambling.  I’ll call today “Turd Tuesday“. 

Speaking of turds (here’s a mom thing for you, Traci) – AM’s got some serious constipation going on.  And while I know I should be more concerned (I am concerned, I swear), I can’t help but laugh at her poop face.  I’m still laughing about it.  Her face gets red, she purses her lips and holds her breath like she’s delivering a baby.  I’d take a picture of it but that’s just cruel (although it would make for some great blackmail).  But I know she’s constipated lately because all of that hard work is not producing much (if anything).

Today is day 1 of prunes.  Fingers crossed that it works.  I can’t imagine not pooping for a few days.  I would die.


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