Whoa Wednesday

I don’t have any whimsy to blog about today so I’m turning this into a Whoa Wednesday (as said in the voice of Joey Lawrence):

This is about some random things that all had me saying “Whoa!”

Whoa, Koreans

Anybody watch The Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network?  We missed the first few episodes but have managed to catch the last 3.  In that time, I became a big fan of the Koreans (Korilla BBQ Truck) because… duh, I’m Korean.  I root for my people when I can and I definitely thought these guys would make it to the finale because they had a good product.

We finally watched the most recent episode last night and I was SHOCKED.  (spoiler alert!)

My people cheated?!  I was like, “whoa!”  I couldn’t believe it.  I was so disappointed and even more so when I learned that had they NOT cheated, the d-bags from Hodge Podge would’ve gone home.

Because I’m a super nerd, I’ve been Googling the scoop on my Korilla boys and they’re claiming that they didn’t cheat (see stories below):

I smell a conspiracy.  I blame the round eyes!

Whoa, leaking boob

Remember my whole biopsy thing?  I was told that I wouldn’t have any issues with continuing breastfeeding.  And they were right – that has been going just fine.  What has been weird is that my biopsy hole is now leaking breastmilk.

I discovered this on Saturday when I awoke to a soaking wet shirt.  I hadn’t had that problem since I first started breastfeeding.  I couldn’t figure out what went wrong.  As I cleaned myself up, I noticed the dropping milk… but it wasn’t come from the obvious source.  It was coming from my biopsy hole!

I feel like there is a hole in the dam (that is my boob). 

I’m placing a call to the doc today to see if this is okay.  Although if it isn’t, I’m not sure how they’d remedy this.

The hole was leaking pretty badly this morning so I put a bandaid on it.  As I was driving to work, I noticed that my shirt had a wet spot.  I was like, “whoa! my boob is leaking pretty badly.”

Whoa, horrible story

Jeremy is back in school (last semester, whoop!  whoop!) and one of the classes he’s taking is a Forensics Evidence (or something like that) class.  Basically he’s shown a lot of gory photos of crime scenes that make him feel queasy.  I have a morbid fascination with this sort of thing and that is also one of the reasons I have so many weird fears (like dying by the hands of a serial killer.  Not that one should NOT be scared of that but who actually lists “serial killers” as their top fear.  I think most people say “heights” or “spiders”.  Nope.  Serial killers.)

While I find his crime stories interesting, the story he shared last night was awful.  I vaguely remember this story in the news because it was just SO awful but now I can’t stop thinking about it.  It is hitting me much harder now that I’m a mom too because this is one of my new mom fears – being carjacked with Annmarie in the car.

In 1992, a woman was carjacked with her daughter still in the car.  She attempted to grab her daughter before the criminals drove away but somehow got tangled in the seatbelts and was dragged for nearly 2 miles to her death.  The criminals attempted to knock her body off of the car by driving up against a fence but were unsuccessful.  They also grabbed the daughter from her carseat and threw it into the middle of the road (she was still attached).

Some other terrible details… it was the daughter’s first day of preschool.  The excited father shot a home movie of them getting in the car and driving away.  In the home movie you can see the criminals in the background!

The criminals made 2 other attempts that day to steal a car.  The first almost victim was approached at a rest stop and she screamed (thereby causing a scene) and the criminals fled.  The next almost victim did the same thing.  She screamed in her neighborhood and neighbors were coming out of their homes so the criminals fled.

This woman was attacked near her house (at a stop sign).  I’m not sure of the exact details of how they got her out of the car.

This story is awful.  It makes me cry.  I didn’t know this woman or her family.  But as a mom (whose fear is being carjacked!) – it just hits me so much harder because I can actual visualize being in that situation.  I have a real tiny human being that would be in the car.  I understand that instinct to do everything in my power to save my child.  Ugh – this was a really downer of a story.  I’m sorry about that – I just can’t stop thinking about this story (despite it happening nearly 20 years ago).

Here are some articles I found detailing the story:


Whoa, sorry about that

I didn’t mean to end this post on such a sad note.  Let me try to lighten the mood.  Um… how about that local sports team?  Such a good game, right?  🙂


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4 responses to “Whoa Wednesday

  1. 1) We were also shocked by the Korilla thing. What I found the most curious was the fact that there was no fight from the boys when they were kicked off. Also when one of them said to the other, “He’s making us look bad.” That almost sounded like there was something more going on, like a plan with producers wasn’t going as it was supposed to. Unfortunately, by the time they’re allowed to talk about it I doubt anyone will give a shit and we’ll never hear what went down.

    2) Dude, your boob is leaking. I always wondered if fake boobs would leak if poked with a pin, but yours actually do. That’s both hilarious and freaky.

    3) That story is messed up. Messed. Up. It makes me wonder if something in the perp’s brain isn’t wired correctly, to view the world in such an alternate reality in which behavior like that is acceptable.

  2. the answer

    Take it from me, Korilla cheated and they cheated bigtime. They cheated in a stupid way because they’d been breaking rules along the way and thought no one could get disqualified. Food Network would be sued if they didn’t enforce the rules. I agree proof to the audience would be nice, but legally, it would be messy to out a team that badly. Both parties probably wanted to leave it vague.

  3. You boob is leaking!? That last story was horrific, but the whole time I was reading it, I couldn’t stop thinking about how your biopsy site is leaking breastmilk. What. The. Hell.

    I have a pretty awful fear of being attacked – killed, raped, tortured, carjacked, kidnapped, whatever. I live with a constant paranoia of these things. And stories like that one just confirm that my paranoia is totally legit!

  4. WHOA indeed about your boob!

    That last story broke my heart, too. I can’t even begin to imagine that horror.

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