Wordless (Wordy) Wednesday

I’ve seen “Wordless Wednesday” posts on lots of blogs in the past where the blogger just posted some great picture and left it at that. Well I am incapable of not writing something so this is Wordy Wednesday (but I promise to not make it TOO wordy).

And I couldn’t pick just 1 picture for today’s post…


Yes, that is my breastpump. Yes, that is breastmilk in those bottles. And yes, I totally staged this photo after I pumped in the “Mother’s Room” this morning for the purpose of blogging.

One of my manager’s just had a baby (well his wife just had a baby). This morning was spent talking about breastfeeding. The weird part? I was talking about it with 3 men. 3 men whose wives all breastfed so they were well aware of the challenges.

Anywho – this is turning somewhat into a mom post but it is funny how the challenges of breastfeeding seem like such a distant memory because it is so frickin’ easy now. I’d breastfeed in public with no issue if I thought Annmarie wouldn’t be so distracted. I’ve tried to feed her publicly under one of those nursing covers and she HATES IT.

I have breastfed Annmarie at home, at other people’s homes, in a parked car, in a dressing room at the mall and in an office at work. It just feels so easy these days. But I vaguely remember a time where it was AWFUL. The pain, oh the pain.


This was a view from my run on saturday. I’m still running. Reading MonsteRawr’s first experience with a half marathon has made me want to try running a 1/2. But I don’t know if I can commit the training time to do it.


I love when my neighbors hang their laundry out to dry. The best days are when they are drying nothing but their underwear but seeing even just this one pair of briefs made me laugh.

And please don’t judge the massive hole in my fence. We’ve been meaning to fix that for nearly 2 years. 🙂

Btw – if you can’t tell, I’ve fallen in love with the Android app myTubo.


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One response to “Wordless (Wordy) Wednesday

  1. I’m so jealous of your running route. Such a lovely view!

    Also, (I said this more eloquently on my blog but I wanted to make sure you know,) you’re half my running inspiration. I’m just trying to be like you, Superwoman!

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