Mommy Monday (er… Tuesday)

Warning – this post is ALL about Annmarie.  If you don’t care, close the browser now.  I won’t know that you did.  If you continue reading, remember that I warned you that this stuff probably only interests moms.


I think we’ve been really lucky with Annmarie. Aside from being the cutest baby in the world (totally not biased) – she’s been pretty easy in terms of eating.

Breastfeeding was tough for the first month but now it is ridiculously easy (and part of that has to do with Annmarie – it was a joint effort to get to this breastfeeding nirvana).

Her foray into solids has also been easy. The only food she hated was peaches (I tried to give them to her 3 times and she screamed and gagged each time).

Sunday we gave her tofu for the first time. I was planning on mashing it up into her oatmeal but Jeremy cut some tofu into small chunks and placed them on her high chair table. I was surprised that she went for it! I think she just likes picking things up with her hands and shoving them in her mouth but still – she ate the tofu.

Eating Tofu!

Now her daily weekday schedule of eating consists of: nursing in the morning, 16 ounces of breastmilk (spread out over the course of 8 hours while at daycare), 2 solid meals (about 2-3 tbsp of a solid – usually a fruit and a vegetable), 1 solid meal from mom (usually oatmeal) and then her final nursing before bed.

After typing that out, I’m thinking that seems like a lot of food. And let me tell you… solid food = solid poop. I talk more about poop now than I ever have in my life. Poop poop poop poop poop. Poop.


It seems she has started to grasp the concept of peek-a-boo. It is the cutest thing EVER and I’m probably exaggerating. I try not to be one of those parents that thinks their child is a genius but it is hard to argue that she seems to understand peek-a-boo. I have to start it but once I hand her a blanket, she’ll hold it up in front of her face for a few seconds and then drop it down quickly so I yell, “peek-a-boo!” She’ll do it a few times before she gets bored with it.

I wish I had a picture but you all know how she seems to react when I try to film her doing anything cute.


She hasn’t crawled yet despite Jeremy thinking she’d be crawling within 10 days of her rocking back and forth on her knees. I mentioned she’s started yoga poses but she hasn’t done much else. It seems like she doesn’t know what to do with her arms. She’s been shifting her feet back and forth like she wants to propel herself forward (or she’s just stretching her calves) but her arms stay stationary so she just plops back down.

I’ve got a fever

… and the cure is another baby! Seriously, guys… I’ve got some serious baby fever. I think the fact that Annmarie has been a pretty easy baby has led me to believe that Jeremy and I have super genes that only produce awesome babies. Plus my dad going into the hospital this summer solidified that I’d really like Annmarie to have a sibling to share the burden of caring for her crazy elderly parents someday. Having a sibling that is 13 years older is so much different than having one close in age that you can play with growing up.

But my baby fever is OUT OF CONTROL. ACK! And I feel like there are a ton of people on Facebook that are pregnant or just had babies so that isn’t helping my fever at all.

And I mean… how can you look at this baby and NOT want more just like her?
Bundled Up



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5 responses to “Mommy Monday (er… Tuesday)

  1. You mean looking down at your poor vag doesn’t cure that baby fever right quick?

    I can understand wanting another Annmarie. She’s so adorable I could spread her on toast. But I CANNOT imagine wanting to go through childbirth again. Owwie.

  2. I’ve got baby fever too! I’m so impatient for a child. I want a BABY!!!

  3. That last picture? It’s pretty much the cutest thing in the history of cuteness.

  4. Soooo. I am so glad to hear that the first month of bf was rough. The first two weeks were hell. Bleeding nipples, latch of a shark, etc. But I *think* it is getting better with week three. I am wondering when you started pumping to build up a supply for back to work. Are there any tips for me as I start pumping?

  5. Traci

    Kolton is taking less and less formula as his solid intake increases. He consumes up to 4 containers of baby food per day. I looked it up and 1 container = approx 7 Tbsp. So that’s 28 Tbsp of solids and only about 20 ounces of formula. I wonder if that’s OK?

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