Whimsy Wednesday (I still have yet to make anything)

I have good intentions… I really do. But for some reason, I can’t seem to get motivated to sew anything. Here is my sewing machine right now:

Hooray for taking it out of the box but all I’ve done is put it another box of sorts (a basket). I put all my sewing related things in this basket like a sewing book (I’ve read 2 pages of the intro), a sewing DVD (it came with the machine), some sewing supplies (pins, pin cushion, thread and some fabric).

But now I have started throwing other things into the basket… Some photos, a checkbook, a stroller fan… And this means things are looking grim for my new hobby.

Help me, friends… Help motivate me.

Another hobby I have let fall by the wayside is photography (I still don’t really know how to use my DSLR).

I wish I could claim that having a baby has diverted my attention but I know several women who can sew and take amazing photos… All learned/honed while caring for a baby.

Someone teach me. Motivate me. Help me!

What hobbies do you have?



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3 responses to “Whimsy Wednesday (I still have yet to make anything)

  1. Come hang out with me 😉 Maybe it’ll rub off.
    I’ve learned that you have to make the time for what you want to do… if you don’t do it, you won’t have the time.
    Pick a project, set a deadline and GET IT DONE 😉

  2. It takes me forever to get the energy to sew anything. I bought a pair of pants for cheap that I need to hem (they’re too long), and they’ve just been sitting there for about a month.

    What I need is a craft room where my sewing machine can sit out and be set up all the time. Half the battle is clearing the dining room table, lugging out the machine and getting all the supplies out.

  3. You should try to make Annmarie’s Halloween costume! It would be a project that would be fun, plus there’s a hard deadline. You should make her a cow. Or a penguin. Or a tator tot. I like tator tots…

    I manage to get my hobbies in pretty easily, but then again, my hobbies are blogging and running and cooking. The cooking is the easiest to get it because it’s kind-of integral to our staying alive.

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