If She Wants It… (Mommy Monday)

Annmarie seems like she is THISCLOSE to crawling.  I know I’ve been saying it for weeks now but she really does seem close this time.  There were a few moments over the weekend that Jeremy and I thought we were about to witness Annmarie take off crawling… only to have her flop down on her belly.

But even so, we have figured out that if she wants something – she has figured out how to get it.  The idea of putting toys just out of reach from her so that she’ll try to crawl towards them doesn’t matter.  She simply rotates her body (this she has figured out how to do on her hands and knees – she picks up her hands and rotates her body!) and then rolls on the ground to the object.  Or she’s figured out how to push off of things with her legs to put her within arms reach of the desired object.

Right now her desired object has been the pacifier.  She was off the pacifier for awhile but now its her best friend.  I suspect it has to do with her teething. She has 4 teeth coming in right now!  She’s been a bit of a sourpuss lately because of it.

Back to her determination to grab things though.  We have an exersaucer that allows her to walk around a bit.  A part of it is supposed to stay stationary but allow her to walk around in a circle.  We have this in the kitchen and I set it up when I’m prepping food or cleaning her bottles.

Lately – she has figured out that she can move the entire exersaucer if she just pushed forward really hard.  What this means is that I have to stay on top of her so that she doesn’t open drawers or pull down pots and pans.  You really have no idea how NOT babyproof your house is until you have a somewhat mobile baby on your hands.

But the one thing she absolutely loves doing is pulling down the towels that are hanging off of various appliances (dishwasher and oven).  I tried to take a pic with my phone but it is very blurry but you can see her trail of towels.  She pulls them down, chews on them (she’s chewing on one in the picture), waves them about and then drops them on the floor as she moves on to the next one.
Pulling down towels

I’ll end this post with a cute picture of Annmarie:
Annmarie in sunflowers

We visited a sunflower field over the weekend.  My friend, Myriam, gave me the scoop on this field after I admired her great shots from a maternity session.  For anyone in Maryland that wants to check out the field – it is in Jarrettsville, MD.   (Clear Meadow Farm)

Anywho – I’m sharing this one picture (instead of the 100 that we took… but if you want to see them, you can see the album here is because I’m balancing Annmarie on my head.  I really wanted a picture of just her surrounded by sunflowers so I did what any mom would do… I improvised and balanced my dear 23 lb baby on my head.  You can still see my hands but only if you’re looking!
Annmarie 152

Okay and I really wanted a close up of her admiring the flower.  We didn’t realize there was a bee on the flower and after Annmarie grabbed the flower and agitated the bee – we took off running.  We didn’t want to find out if she was allergic to bees.

Annmarie 096

I’m just sharing this because I think its cute.



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5 responses to “If She Wants It… (Mommy Monday)

  1. She is so stinkin cute!

  2. So she likes pulling towels down and dragging them around in her mouth; she has something in common with my cats.

    Also, that last picture makes her look like she has a mohawk. For the record, she can totally pull it off.

  3. 🙂 Thanks for the shout out!

  4. We baby-proofed our house when our daughter was born- 12 years ago 😦 Then she proved that we didn’t baby-proof enough. Then our son was born and he proved that we needed an even higher level of baby-proofing.

  5. Cute cute cute. That’s all I ever really want (or need) to say after Annmarie posts.

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