What I’m Watching Wednesday

The Fall season is here and that means new shows!  It also means that I am watching way too much TV.  Since having a baby – I’ve realized that I need to break up with some shows.  But first – I am analyzing the new episodes of shows I already watch AND some new shows to make my determination.

So for new shows, I’ve watched:
Up All Night
Free Agents
New Girl

Here’s my analysis so far:
Free Agents
I just read that Free Agents was already cancelled.  I actually found some of it to be amusing but it was obvious that it wasn’t going to last.  NBC’s really fast cancellation has made my decision about breaking up with it easy.

NOT that funny.  I think SHE is normally funny but this show is just not funny.  It isn’t making it into my rotation.

Up All Night
I’m trying to give it a chance.  Sometimes it is funny, sometimes it isn’t.  We’ll see.  As a new parent, I really thought I’d enjoy it more.  But I really like Will Arnett.  I’m not sure how much longer I can last.

New Girl
I think this show is cute.  I generally like Zooey Deschanel but she isn’t why I enjoy the show.  The roommates are actually pretty funny.

I.LOVE.JEREMY.SISTO.  My love for him goes back to Clueless.  LOVE HIM.  And my love was solidified when he was on Six Feet Under (one of the best shows in the history of tv shows). 

But this comedy?  I’m afraid it isn’t going to make it.  It make me laugh but there is something about it… I just know it won’t last.  That makes me sad for Jeremy.

Shows I’m Breaking Up With

I think it is time I give up on all my Bravo shows.  That means no more Real Housewives.  It is time to say goodbye.

There are others that I’m too embarrassed to admit I watch but I’m dropping them too.

So what are you watching these days?



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4 responses to “What I’m Watching Wednesday

  1. Meredith

    I’m with you on Whitney – i keep watching because I think it should be funny but it’s not. It’s way too predictable and the laugh track/live audience is annoying.

    OMG you had to mention Six Feet Under. I LOVE that show. Every time I see a character from that show on another I have a really hard time separating their current role from their role on the show. I occasionally watch Parenthood and when I see Peter Krause all I can think is ‘That’s Nate – he had a brain tumor.’ Lol.

  2. I think I might steal your idea and do a What I’m Watching at Doahleigh. Stay tuned. (Ha! Get it?)

    Anyway, Jeremy Sisto was in Clueles?!? Holy crap, I recognized him from Six Feet (which I loved), but I totally forgot about Elton. Amazing. It makes me want Suburgatory to work out…

  3. CAG


    I’m actually getting into this ‘BBC America’ show with my boo Idris Elba called ‘Luther’. That man makes me cream. (SORRY FOR THE DISGUSTING S* REFERENCE BUT I CAN’T HELP IT! I want to have his babies!!…lol)

  4. Husband and I watched an episode each of Free Agent and Up All Night. They were mildly amusing, but not enough to bring me back same time next week.

    If you’d like to have a conversation about Criminal Minds, however…

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