On the Move (Mommy Monday)

After weeks of watching Annmarie rock back and forth on her knees, take a few crawls forward and flop to her belly… She officially became a crawler this weekend.

One of my worries about working full time was that I’d miss a ton of Annmarie’s “firsts”. I am so happy that I got to witness this moment.

We were just hanging on the floor with Annmarie and we watched her get in crawl position. She moved forward a bit and we completely expected her to flop to her belly. But she kept moving forward and forward. We couldn’t believe it!

I filmed this the same night so she was still moving slowly (sorry for the dark quality… Not sure why my phone does this).

For some reason I can’t embed the video so here is the link. http://www.flickr.com/photos/28391599@N03/6253614553/in/photostream

She moves faster everyday and we are quickly realizing our house is not safe! Lots of objects will be moving to higher ground…

That’s the big news around here. While I am happy, a part of me feels a little sad. She’s growing up so fast!

Speaking of which, have you guys seen is Google Chrome video? I’m a little late on this but holy hell… It had me in TEARS!



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2 responses to “On the Move (Mommy Monday)

  1. Awww, crawling is such a fun stage, and it truly doesn’t last very long. Enjoy every moment! My daughter finally started crawling about a month ago (age 10 1/2 months), both my boys crawled at about 8 months. They only did that for a few short months, and they were walking by the time they were 12 months.

    Fun times!!

  2. Awwwww! Yay! Look at that little peanut go! She’ll be running just like her mommy in no time!

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