What I’m Wearing & Watching Wednesday

What I’m Wearing

I’ve been reading a lot of blog posts around how life has changed for a blogger since becoming a mom. There are typical things like how date night usually ends at 10pm or something silly. But for me? One of the biggest things as a mom is that I don’t wear heels. I didn’t wear heels very much mostly because I’m already tall so wearing them only made me feel like a giant. But I still owned them and wore them on occasion. But now? Now that I have to lug an arsenal of bags AND a 25 lb baby in a car seat, the idea of balancing it all on heels just seems too daunting.

I’m also a big fan of dresses and leggings:
Annmarie 034
(my uniform on weekends, either a dress or a tunic with leggings)

But another reason I’m not big into heels anymore is that I’ve somehow become much clumsier. Maybe it is the hauling of so much stuff, but I seem to bang up every pair of shoes I own.

These heels? Nearly new. I’ve worn them less than 10 times and I’ve already managed to scuff the toe badly:
scuffed shoe

And have I mentioned (repeatedly) how cheap I am these days? But I can’t continue to wear these shoes anymore. Having this type of scuff just knocks your entire outfit down a few pegs and makes you look sloppy. YARG!

Any tricks on masking this terrible scuff on a cheap pair of fake leather Target heels so that I can at least get away with wearing these shoes a few more times?

What I’m Watching

This won’t be a laundry list of shows that I’m loving (aside from the new shows I mentioned last week). Instead this is just a quick blurb about how I’m excited for the return of The Walking Dead. I’ve never been a HUGE zombie movie fan (although there are a few zombie flicks I’ve enjoyed, mostly of the comedic variety like Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland) but this show is great.

And maybe a part of the reason I like the show is because I like seeing an actor from a movie I love in something else. Notice a theme of why I watch certain shows? If an actor in a new show is from a previous show/movie that I really like, I will watch their new show.

The Walking Dead has Andrew Lincoln who was in Love Actually. And I’m not embarrassed to say I love that stupid movie. LOVE IT.

Sorry for the 2 unrelated topics smooshed into one post. I couldn’t decide what to write about and both are pretty uninspired.

So how can I fix my shoe? Do you watch The Walking Dead?


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3 responses to “What I’m Wearing & Watching Wednesday

  1. I have no idea to fix your shoes, as my foot uniform pretty much consists of some form of sneaker. Also, I’m broker than you, so unless I can fix scuffs with sharpie or make up remover, I just don’t fix them. I have shoes I’ve owned since college that are literally falling apart at the seams, and I just ignore their sad state. It’s easier that way.

  2. Shannon

    A few things here. First, I don’t watch Parenthood – who from Six Feet is in that? Second, I could not get into The Wire. I just don’t get the appeal, though I wish I did. Third, Pacey for life! Fourth, I watched the Walking Dead Season One marathon, but I was sick during the premier last weekend so didn’t watch. Maybe I’ll wait until it’s done and do a marathon again.

  3. Charm City Kim

    @Shannon – Peter Krause (aka Nate Fisher) stars on Parenthood as the oldest brother… very similar to Six Feet Under but without such dark undertones.

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