When Did I Become… Wednesday

When did I Become… such a bad driver?

Seriously guys – I’ve managed to damage my car AGAIN. And again, I have nobody to blame but myself.

I was a terrible driver when I first started. I had several accidents, several incidents of hitting a curb hard enough that I popped my tire, lots of speeding tickets… you name it.

But then it kind of stopped. I totaled my car in 2001 but that was not my fault. No really, not my fault!

I hadn’t had another incident for quite some time until last year.

Remember this?
Old accident (November 2010)
I got t-boned at an intersection. Of course it was my fault (despite me arguing that the driver had her flashers on and was STOPPED… she didn’t accelerate until I had turned!)

Then I did this in June:
Bad driver
I clipped a dump truck.

Well now I’ve managed to scratch the crap out of the side of my car (the same side that I seem to constantly damage). I didn’t snap a picture but I am very irritated with myself. I backed into (against) a concrete slab. It is about the height of the small side bumper thingies). Luckily I didn’t poke a hole in my car door like the last accident but this is still pretty annoying.

I think it is time I stop driving.

When did I Become… such a social turd?

While I am completely capable of being social and friendly with people (and strangers) – I seem to have difficulty connecting with new people in a way that would lead to a friendship. It just feels so awkward.

I did Stroller Strides when I was on maternity leave and was friendly with the moms there but never actually took it a step further. And I know it was all on me. I would always quickly leave the class when it was over instead of hanging around and socializing with the moms. I never pushed to find out if we had things in common (outside of reproducing).

There is a mom at daycare whose daughter shares the same birthday as AM. I know this because I met her at Stroller Strides (and she was how I found out about this particular daycare). I’ve run into her around the city one other time and we chatted for a bit but that was it.

Yesterday we ran into each other picking up our daughters. We chatted for awhile and she suggested hanging out “sometime”. I gave my usual, “SURE! sounds good!” and was ready to bolt (I always make that empty promise) but she gave me an opening: “We usually go on walks in the evening. We’re going to go on one now…” and I totally froze and said, “okay. well I’ll e-mail you about getting together.” Then I bolted.

In all fairness, weekdays are tough for after work play. Annmarie usually goes to bed by 7pm (and it is all her… she falls asleep right around 7pm). So between feeding her, bathing her and whatnot – it doesn’t leave a lot of time to hang out.

But man – when did I become so lame? I want more mom friends. I want play dates. I need to act like a normal human and e-mail that mom, don’t I?


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3 responses to “When Did I Become… Wednesday

  1. Do it. DOOOOOOO it.

    Not that I can judge, because I’m superawkwardpants myself. I’m horrible about not reaching out to people because I’m afraid that they don’t want to hang out with me. So I guess that’s why I can’t stand to let you pass this opportunity up. Do it.

  2. Amber

    Kim, I think maybe it’s just our age. I have 0 kids and I still feel too busy to have a social life. I get together with my good friends for holidays and such, and we email each other every day, but when I come home from work there are just a million things I need to do and imagining squeezing in socializing is exhausting. Especially with my 8PM bedtime that has absolutely nothing to do with having children since I don’t have any. 🙂

  3. You should do it. Your children’s friends’ parents become your friends. Trust me.

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