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Happy Halloween – Moooo-mmy Monday

I know I’ve already posted something today but you can’t really think that I was NOT going to post a picture of Annmarie’s Halloween costume? What kind of newbie mom do you think I am? Sheesh.

I bought a Carter’s cow costume for Annmarie from eBay (thanks for the tips, moms!). It was “new with tags” and I only paid $15 for it (and that included shipping). Carter’s charges more than twice that amount. Have I mentioned I’m uber cheap?

The plan was to find some fabulous Halloween party where we could all dress up as a family of cows but that didn’t happen. I think nobody really felt like hosting a party (and I can’t blame them – I hate hosting parties only because I hate the clean-up!).

Friends of ours ended up having some people over their house Saturday night and I was happy to hear that the moms were dressing up their babies for the occasion.

I’m a bad mom, however, because I failed to take my camera with me so I didn’t take a single picture of all the cute little babies in their costumes. But my friend sent me this:

It looks like Annmarie is moo-ing at sweet Kolton as he lovingly touches her face. But I don’t think it went down like that. If anything, Annmarie spent the evening gently slapping Kolton’s face (I’m so sorry, Traci) and snatching things from other babies. Oh – you want that hanger? I don’t think so! I’ve been chewing on that all night!  (Annmarie spent a good 20-30 minutes just chewing on a plastic hanger)

Annmarie did surprisingly well in her costume for a couple of hours. However, when I tried to put her back in it the next day for pictures – I felt like I was wrestling a bear (or a really fast and wiggly cow). So here are pictures of Annmarie in her cow costume:

Mad cow! (a lot of pictures were of “mad cow” but I deleted them all):
Mad cow?

Happy cow
Annmarie 034

Restless cow (seriously – we couldn’t keep her still. She kept trying to topple off of the chair):
About to jump

Me: “Here – pose with Petie“:
Annmarie 042

Annmarie: “Oh – hey Petie“:
Annmarie 045

Annmarie: “Let me just get a little closer…
Annmarie 051

“… he looks good enough to eat!” (My little cow turned into a carnivorous cow):
Trying to eat the dog

What? I wasn’t trying to eat Petie!”
What?  I wasn't trying to eat the dog.

I’d put her in this costume tonight to hand out treats to the neighborhood kids but unfortunately this isn’t very warm for babies. The little boy Carter’s costumes have separate fleece pants and long sleeved tops. Why are the infant girl costumes sleeveless with tights?! Geez. Maybe Carter’s is just prepping little girls for that phase in their early 20s where they hit up bars in skimpy clothing during the winter.


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Shutterfly Promotion – Holiday Cards!

Can I just tell you how much I love Shutterfly? And I’m not just saying that because they contacted me about another holiday card promotion (I did it last year) I really just like their products.

Since having Annmarie, I’ve made several photo books. They usually run great promotions throughout the year. I bought a book when they were having a buy one get TWO free promotion – and that ended up being my mother’s day gifts to my mom and MIL (filled with the pro family pics we had taken by the fabulously talented Maria).  Can I tell you that my mom looks at that damn photo book EVERY DAY.  And she lets me know this too.  Parents eat this stuff up!

I just made another photo book with a coupon we scored buying a new point and shoot camera. I don’t think I can sing the praises of their photo books any more.  I hate having loose photos sitting around and photo books are such a nice, clean way to present your favorite pictures. 

But their site is really easy to use, the products are always good quality and their prices are really competitive.

I think someone might be getting an Annmarie calendar for 2012… not saying who but let’s say that he had a hand in creating Annmarie (but let’s be honest – his role was quite minimal compared to mine. Just sayin…).

And I know I’ll be using Shutterfly when it comes time to send out invites for Annmarie’s first birthday. (And holy hell – I got a little choked up typing that out…)

Since I have mentioned previously (and most folks probably have already figured this out) – I’m terrible at keeping in touch. Holiday cards are really the best way for me to communicate out to old friends and family the adorableness and awesomeness of Annmarie. This is actually more for my family that doesn’t e-mail or check my Flickr or Facebook account (that’s my lazy way of sharing pictures of Annmarie with people).

Some holiday cards I’m eyeballing are…

Are you noticing a theme yet? Basically I want a holiday card that allows for multiple pictures because I can never decide on just ONE picture (as evidenced the the 1000+ pics of Annmarie in her Flickr album. Clearly I have a hard time deleting pictures).

So if you made it this far in my Shutterfly promotion post – congrats! I’ll tell you about the fantastic offer Shutterfly is offering my readers. I have 3 Shutterfly codes for 25 free cards to share.

Since I don’t really have many readers… if more than 3 of you actually leave a comment, I’ll do some random number generator thingy. So – leave a comment, tell me you want the card code & how adorable Annmarie is… by Sunday, November 6th. I’ll announce the winners on Monday, November 7th.

(Btw – I should probably note that I’m a bit of an a-hole.  I thought the deadline for posting this was October 31st but I just reread the e-mail from Shutterfly and I was supposed to post it by YESTERDAY.  Let’s see if they give me a free pass so please know that those promo codes may not be valid!  I’ll let you know!)


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