Wordless(ish) Wednesday… 2 Days Late

There’s a lot of stuff going on right now that I’m sure I’ll blog about later but I really meant to post something on Wednesday so here it is…

(and I’m borrowing from Nanette the theme of a wordless-ish post… I think “ish” is my favorite suffix)

Baby shoes are adorable especially when placed next to grown-up shoes

I can say the same for a baby coat… so cute hanging next to mom and dad’s coats.
I’m starting to think that maybe she really did learn how to crawl by watching the dogs…


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2 responses to “Wordless(ish) Wednesday… 2 Days Late

  1. I love that her little coat hood has ears. So cute!

  2. Ditto MonsteRawr! Baby coats hanging next to Mom & Dad’s are even cuter when they have teeny, tiny animal ears!

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