Traveling Tuesday (We Survived Flying with a Baby)

I’ve been a bit MIA lately on here and on Twitter. My grandpa died on Thursday, November 3rd. We flew out to Utah the following Saturday and were there for a few days.

I will blog about my experience in Utah and reflections on visiting with family but this is about traveling with a baby.

I asked my Facebook friends for some traveling tips and most recommended packing plenty of snacks and new toys for the plane ride. Another suggested just using a wrap instead of taking a stroller. And nearly all suggested slipping AM some benedryl to knock her out. We skipped the benedryl only because our pediatrician said that some babies react differently to it and it can actually make them hyperactive. No thanks – I didn’t want to risk it.

So this is what we packed:

  • enough diapers to get us through the flight.
  • enough jarred solid food to get us through the flight.
  • Moby wrap. It isn’t easy trying to carry a 23 lb baby AND coordinate carrying luggage
  • Car seat and base. We had to rent a car when we were there. This had to be packed. We were able to bring it onto the plane as our carry-on.
  • Lots of small toys, new ones (picked up for less than $3 each from Target) and some old favorites
  • Snacks! She loves these Organic Puffs.
  • Enough clothes for 2 outfit changes daily (in case of leakage).

Things we purposely did not pack: 

  • cloth diapers. We wouldn’t have access to a washing machine for daily washes so it didn’t make sense.
  • Disposable diapers for the week. We weren’t traveling to a 3rd world country. We knew we could pick up diapers in Utah. No sense in packing stuff we could just purchase later.
  • Solid foods that we prepped. This seems pretty obvious. We had the same mindset with food that we did with diapers – we could buy some when we got to Utah.
  • Stroller. We thought about it but we weren’t really going to Utah for sightseeing purposes. It didn’t make sense to pack a stroller.
  • Baby towel/washcloths. The hotel has plenty of towels!

Our pediatrician recommended timing feeding AM with the takeoff or at least ensure she’s sucking on a pacifier. I was petrified that she would flip out. We got side eyes from the majority of passengers when we boarded the plane.

But… AM was fine. She didn’t really fuss at all. Granted – she seemed restless whenever she wasn’t napping so we were constantly passing her back and forth to occupy her. Overall however, it wasn’t a bad experience.

About to take off
Annmarie 036

As for traveling around Utah with her? Not so bad. The only negative thing was having her sleep in a crib in our room. Between the time zone difference and altitude, it took her 2 days to adjust. She would NOT go to sleep if we were awake in the room (watching TV, eating, etc.). So that meant we had to go to bed when she went to bed… around 7pm. That was good AND bad. We slept longer on that trip than we had in awhile (9-10 hour stretches usually).  But sometimes it was tough to go to bed that early.

It also didn’t take her long to readjust back to our time zone. She actually slept 12 hours the following night (and each night over the weekend… it was glorious).

I also hauled her around in the moby wrap most of the time.

Annmarie 042

And on the trip home, our flight left Utah at 5pm and we landed in Baltimore at 11pm. We dressed her in her PJs and she slept most of the way.
Flying Home

We survived!



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2 responses to “Traveling Tuesday (We Survived Flying with a Baby)

  1. So sorry to hear about your grandfather.

    Glad the trip went well otherwise, though! I recently learned that some (maybe all?) airlines will let you check the carseat for free. That’s made a big difference in traveling with Em recently. We got a special carseat bag that allows us to wear it as a backpack and protects it from baggage handlers.

  2. I’m so, so sorry to hear about your grandfather.

    That being said, sounds like you guys rocked the baby transportation!

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