Another Wordless Wednesday Post a Day Late

I really meant to post this yesterday but my dad ended up in the hospital again.  I can only describe yesterday’s events as: funny, scary, sad, hilarious and frustrating.  In that order. 


Annmarie isn’t any easy baby to make laugh so when I find something that she finds funny, I hold onto it.  I’m trying to be quiet with what is making her laugh in the video so that all you hear is her laughing… but you can still sort of hear it.  Right now the funniest thing in the world to her is when I pretend to sneeze.  I don’t get it but I’ll keep doing it because I love her laughter!



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3 responses to “Another Wordless Wednesday Post a Day Late

  1. I think it’s a baby thing. It’s almost like every time they expect your head to blow up and it’s hilarious when it doesn’t. I don’t know. Baby’s are weird.
    Yours is adorable, though!

  2. Uncle Bob

    Hi, Uncle Bob here. Condolences on your Granddad. Call or Email me about your dad, pretty please. Email might be better with our time zones, unless you wait till the weekend. Bye

  3. Sorry to hear about your dad. Sending you lots of good thoughts.

    And what a dollface, AnnMarie! xoxo

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