Fa La La La Friday (Decking the Halls… sort of)

I know everyone says it and it is usually the first “small talk” thing people say but seriously… can you believe that it is December alreadY?  What.the.f?  November was kind of a crap month for me (dead grandpa, hospitalized dad, getting the plague…) so I’m not sorry that its over but what the hell, December?  You’re here much too quickly.

While I usually enjoy putting up a (fake) tree and decorating a bit, we really don’t do much otherwise.

I think having a baby now has made me feel a bit more festive.  I really wanted to get a real tree this year (after years of poo-pooing it).  And wouldn’t you know, this is the first year that Jeremy pooped all over it.  He actually made a good point about how AM loves to pull stuff down and warned that we should look to get a table top tree.

So that’s what we did.  We got a real table top tree so we both win.  Compromise.

Sorry for the crap quality of the photo – I took it with my phone this morning.  Because this tree is much smaller than what we normally have, I pared the ornaments down to only those “meaningful” ones (with a few snowflake filler ornaments).  The meaningful ones include personalized ornaments and those from places we’ve traveled.  And look – we put it next to a poinsettia!  So festive, I know.

Then there are stockings.  This isn’t anything fancy.  I bought some cheap-o stockings a few years ago along with some glittery puffy paint.  But let’s not ignore that amazingly handcrafted beauty sitting in the middle.  🙂

Are you wondering why we have 5 stockings?  It is because we have stockings for our dogs.  Yes, they get stockings (despite not giving a crap about the holiday).

As for the outdoors.  We usually just put a wreath on our door.  But we now have a neighbor that has been doing elaborate window displays for holidays (including Thanksgiving – he had a THANKSGIVING window display.  I didn’t know such things existed).  He’s kind of inspired me to step up our game so this is what I did to the window:


I get that it isn’t very exciting but it is more than we’ve ever done before!

Here’s a closer look at the window:

It you still can’t tell (due to a phone that has endured lots of slobber from a baby) – we have some cheap snowflake lights strung across the top and red ornaments hanging at different lengths on string.  I think it looks like a storefront display… of a very cheap store.

I still want to do more inside the house but I’m drawing a blank.  I don’t want to poke holes in the wall so I’m really limited in what I can do.  How do you decorate?



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4 responses to “Fa La La La Friday (Decking the Halls… sort of)

  1. The important part is that you made it snow on your blog. It’s a Christmas miracle!

    Despite the fact that we have no children, no family will be at our house, and we work most of the holiday season, I still insist that we put up the tallest real tree that our tiny apartment will allow. Okay, so it’s taking up half our living room and if you sit on the left side of our couch you can’t use the remote. But it’s fucking Christmas! You can’t be mad when it’s Christmas!

  2. We’re thinking about doing a tabletop tree too. For now we just put up our Charlie Brown tree, and who knows, maybe that’ll be enough this year.

  3. kristin

    Maybe you can sew a treeskirt for your little tree, crafty lady. And I like your window display, I’d shop in your cheap store. We put my little fiberoptic tree in the bay window and it looks really nice. This is the first year that the Scrooge I married suggested getting a real tree AND he offered to put lights up around our front door awning. Amazing what babies do for the holiday spirit.

  4. We didn’t do much until we had our first kid, then my wife insisted we be much more festive. My wife is from the rich part of the county, so she insists on white lights on the bushes. I’m from Rosedale, so nothing will do but blinking colored lights. So we compromised and put blinking colored lights up……..on the tall holly bush.

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