Holiday Gifts Conundrum

Since I’m feeling more festive this year, I’m definitely excited about the idea of buying presents. Actually, I’m only excited about buying presents for children. Jeremy and I are kind of feeling “meh” about exchanging gifts. We set a budget and I have a feeling it will be unexciting stuff. And I’m okay with that.

However, I’m having difficulty coming up with gifts for the children in our lives. Not only do we have the most adorable baby girl in the world to shop for (although she’s too little to give a crap), we have a nephew who is 2 weeks older than Annmarie and another nephew that is almost 4 years old.

What the hell do we buy them?

I’ve polled the parents in my office about some good gifts for the nephews. The 11 month old doesn’t need clothes or much since a lot of his stuff has been handed down from his big brother. And apparently 4 year old big brother isn’t asking for anything this year! I’m dying for ideas.

Then there’s our family… moms, dads, sister, brother… All people saying that they don’t need anything. Help!

While I think we’ll end up going the “grandparents” gift route for my parents (since AM is their first) – my sister-in-law cornered the grandparent market with my in-laws. Dangit!

As for our amazing daughter, we’re not sure what to do. I had been saying for quite some time that she needed some winter clothes but I went overboard around Black Friday. Annmarie is pretty well stocked for the winter.

We don’t want to get any large toys (and are hoping our families don’t get anything crazy… I worry what my parents might do) because we live in such a small home. Plus – she’s a baby and that means her favorite toys are:

– Remote controls
– cell phones
– paper
– the refrigerator. Seriously – she loves playing in the fridge:

What are you getting your family for the holidays this year?



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5 responses to “Holiday Gifts Conundrum

  1. My go-to gifts for kids tend to be books. I just hope they’re not already something they own.

    And that pic? ZOMG, so cute!

  2. Jaime

    Maybe you can get AM a mini toy fridge for her to play with.

  3. I, too, tend to default to books for kids. If not for the kids, than for the poor parents who’ve had to read “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” 20,000 times and are ready for something new.

  4. Well Nanette and MonsteRawr stole my suggestion. I’m the aunt that gives books every year. I figure parents and grandparents can spoil them with toys or get them practical things like clothes. So I give the gift of reading because I think it’s so important.

    You could do personalized books, where you put their name and stuff right into the story. I bought some of those this year and I’m hoping they’ll be a hit.

  5. kristin

    I’m going with books since Reid seems to love them and we don’t have many that are age appropriate (in other words, ones that will hold up to him slobbering on them or with thick cardboard pages he can turn). Similar to his girlfriend AM, he loves remotes and paper. Also empty water bottles and tupperware containers.

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