Whoa… I Made More Stuff Wednesday

Guys, I am an unstoppable sewing monster. I’m hooked. I’m constantly thinking of new projects I’d like to start. Sewing really is addicting.

Last week I sewed the Christmas Stocking and mixer cover. Over the last couple of days, I sewed 6 throw pillow covers.

While I’ve been throwing myself a ticker tape parade in my head for my achievements, I realize these things aren’t THAT exciting (nor are they particularly complicated). But I find myself really enjoying the act of sewing and making something.

Onto my latest Project Runway worthy achievements…

We had purchased some throw pillows and pillow covers from Ikea a few years ago. I should have taken a photo of them so show the wear and tear but here’s the best I could do…

You can kind of see that there is a hole in the corner of one of the pillows. A few of the pillows were like that. (and can I get an “aaawww” at my sweet, sweaty sleeping baby?)

I was worried about the idea of trying to sew a zipper but luckily found some tutorials on “envelope pillows”. I ended up loosely following this tutorial.

We went to a small fabric store over the weekend and spent close to an HOUR trying to pick fabrics. I wasn’t crazy about a lot of the fabrics. And just when I was about to settle, I stumbled across some fantastic prints in a duck cloth. I don’t know anything about fabrics but the prints were fantastic and the cloth felt really durable.

I was overwhelmed by the assortment of prints so we ended up selecting 3 prints (1 of the prints is just a basic cotton fabric) that we liked and felt would work in the living room. Actually 1 of the prints doesn’t really work with the other 2 so we just relegated those pillows to the chair while the other 2 prints are on the sofa.

I failed to take any sort of step by step pictures because I’m not a DIY blog by any means. Plus I was still too giddy about sewing. Since I made 6 of these, you can definitely tell which pillow is my first (there are a few mistakes) but I am pleased overall with the outcome. Also – the first pillow took me nearly an hour and a half to sew while the last pillow took about 30 minutes (and that was due to my machine jamming).

So here is a photo of the finished products (taken with my crappy phone… I’ve been a little lazy with taking actual photos with the DSLR):

I did 2 pillows in each of the different fabrics for a total of 6.

And here’s a closer look at the envelope portion of the pillow:

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Next on my agenda:
– a quilt made from a fitted crib sheet that I ripped
– new kitchen curtains
– a curtain for our kitchen cart that is meant to deter AM from trying to pull things from it

Have you made anything lately?  Any suggestions for what else I should try?



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3 responses to “Whoa… I Made More Stuff Wednesday

  1. YAY for pillow covers! I’m (hopefully) going to be making some of my own this weekend as the ones we currently are sporting (also made by me) are definitely showing their age… And with the in-laws coming for the holidays, well, we need to fix that right up!

  2. Love those prints! Crazy adorbs.

    I have never sewn anything in my life. Kyle and I had a brilliant idea for some creative way to display our collection of backstage satins that I’m pretty sure involved sewing them into something, but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was.

  3. Wow you’re on a roll! Can I steal some of your inspiration?

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