Independent (Woman) Baby

Annmarie is 10 months old. And while she is still very much a baby – she’s also been clearly demonstrating some independence. I don’t like it.

She hates (and I mean HATES) being laid on her back unless it is bedtime. This means our weekly photos where we pose her with that sock monkey are incredibly difficult to take. She usually flips right over and we’re basically pushing her down until she realizes we want her to stay on her back. Then we have to do lots of silly noises and faces so she won’t flip out.

Week 44 Shoot
(She prefers to sit upright with the monkey – we may be changing our weekly photo format but I really wanted to keep up the same position for a year)

She’s also showing more independence with eating. She’ll still eat some things by spoon (although she tries to grab the spoon and bowl from me) – she prefers picking at things by hand. However, letting her do so results in this:
Avocado mess

But I guess babies must learn how to feed themselves at some point (because its not like I’m still being spoon fed now).

She’s also bathing in the big tub now as opposed to the baby tub. This one was LONG overdue since her feet had been dangling off of the baby tub for quite some time. I guess I just wasn’t ready to let go yet.

She’s also showing a little more… defiance? Since she’s crawling everywhere and cruising along furniture fearlessly – she’s also shown a fierce determination to grab certain things. So far she loves…

  • Power cords
  • the dogs’ food and water bowls (and this isn’t helping her to make friends with them)
  • toilet paper (She unravels the rolls so quickly that we stopped putting TP on the dispenser thing)

Even though she seems to understand when I say, “Nooooo“. She’ll look at me and then continue to play with whatever object she desires. Is this a glimmer of what her teenage years will look like? Oy.

Lately, it just seems like her personality is starting to shine through. She has this new smile that looks so goofy as she clenches her jaw and shows her teeth. She bounces up and down when she’s really excited (or jamming to the banjo music from her activity table). She squeals and screams (much to the horror of other babies).

And my favorite thing? She holds onto me now. I know that sounds ridiculous but Annmarie never really held onto me or Jeremy. We’d hold her and she’s just let her arms dangle (or her arms would stay very stiff by her side). Now? She holds onto me. She even squeezes me when she is afraid of someone and doesn’t want to go to them (like Santa). I love it.

Right now she’s got a terrible cough. She doensn’t much during the day but it is TERRIBLE at night. We’ve been running a humidifier but it doesn’t seem to be helping. It doesn’t sound like croup but it does sound like a dry cough. It has been getting progressively worse at night over the last few days. No fever and no reduced appetite. We feel terrible for her. She’s been crying the last 2 nights over it and there’s not much we can do.

I called the pediatrician’s office today and the woman said to try sitting in a steamy bathroom with her for a bit and then taking her outside for a burst of cold air. She said that should help to open her lungs but if it doesn’t, we need to see the doc.  I always feel so bad when I can’t help Annmarie.  Any parents have tips on remedying a cough?



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3 responses to “Independent (Woman) Baby

  1. That picture of her with the sock monkey is freaking adorable. I officially want a little Annmarie of my own. (Which I’m not sure how that’s going to work considering I’m mostly German and Kyle’s mostly Dutch, neither of which leads to adorable little Korean-Jeremy babies. But we’ll figure it out.)

  2. Oh I love it when the babies start holding you back!

  3. You should know better than to say, “No!”. It’s meaningless. Also avoid telling a child not to do something. Tell her what she should do. “Annmarie, put your hands down.” “Annmarie, come here.” etc… This coming to a dad of 12 years. (and a wife who’s smarter than me) 🙂

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