Help My Face (Why I Hate Zit Cream)

I’m having some issues with my skin right now.  And let me tell you, I rarely have issues with my skin.  My skin has always been one of my best attributes.  I get pimples only once in awhile (and I’m pretty sure the moon is blue when I get a pimple).

So when I get more than 1 pimple, I deem it a near catastrophic event.  All hands are on deck to clear my skin.  I freak out.

The last time I had a multi-pimple breakout, I was pregnant.  I didn’t know I was pregnant but I was and it caused some issues in the beginning.  I bought Neutrogena’s On the Spot Acne Treatment and it really didn’t do much.

I had another recent outbreak on my skin last month.  Zits were starting to pop up so frequently that I actually thought I was pregnant again.  I’m not.  I took a test.

But again, I freaked and started the not previously effective so I’m not sure why I thought it would help zit cream treatment.

And now I’m in skin hell.  Zit cream’s can be incredibly drying.  I’ve dealt with this before and when my skin reaches that weird red dry patch, some applications of Eucerin’s Aquaphor Healing Ointment usually clears it right up.

But not this time.  I’ve had these crazy dry patches for over a month now.  And even though I keep using this Aquaphor stuff as though it will miraculously kick in A MONTH LATER, my skin just isn’t changing. 

Here’s a pic (looking good, no?  I’m just emoting how I feel right now) – I tried to highlight the problem spots in red and then yellow:

These patches are SO dry.  I moisturize my face twice daily (I have a day lotion and a night lotion).  I stopped using the Aquaphor stuff because obviously it wasn’t doing anything (Albert Einstein’s quote, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” came to mind).

I don’t know what to do.  I’m sure I should see a dermotologist but those docs always seem to be booked up for months.  I can’t wait months.

Any suggestions?



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5 responses to “Help My Face (Why I Hate Zit Cream)

  1. Darlin’, I wish I had your skin problems. Not only are zits still a regular thing for me, (at 25, what the fuck?) but I get a ridiculous amount of blackheads. My nose is pretty much in a constant state of covered in blackheads. I keep hoping my skin will calm down as I age, but so far, no such luck.

  2. That looks so angry! I would say that you’re having a reaction to something. A couple things might help: a light exfoliation to get things moving (encourage cell turnover)…then shea cream, the real stuff, not lotion with shea. Go get the expensive shea and put it on. I know it seems weird to put moisture on a breakout, but many times what your skin needs is moisture when you break out…it overproduces sebum to compensate for dry skin and then you get zits or weird skin things. I just interviewed an aesthetician. 🙂

  3. My skin usually behaves itself pretty well, but it’s very tempremental. The only cleaner I can use on it it Cetaphil and I’ve learned (the hard way…over and over again) that when I have a flare up, I just need to grin and bear it. The WORST thing I can do is change my routine. That always makes it much worse.

    Even if you can’t get into a dermotologist, I bet your regular doctor or even a nurse practitioner could help you out. I went through a period in college where I had a stand-by perscription for a mild antibiotic for when I had flare ups.

    Good luck!

  4. Make the dermatologist appointment anyway – even if it’s not a quick fix. I had an all out skin breakdown about two years ago, and that was the only thing that really helped. I do suspect that Aquaphor is a little too heavy. I like Skin Food when my skin is super dry. I’ve also found that exfoliating (gently) with baking soda is helpful too. But a doctor might be the best way to fix it. Sometimes the more things you try, the worse it all gets.

  5. I’m hoping that you have stopped using the zit cream on these areas?? Obviously, that’s the first step.

    I am 32 and in the last three years, had the worst zit break out of my life. I’m not just talking my face. I’m talking face, neck, ears, back, chest, arms, etc. We’re going with the idea that your situation isn’t that bad at this time.

    First thing first, drink plenty of water. Take your body weight, divide by two and add 10. That is the amount in ounces you should drink for a while to rehydrate your body and your skin. It is winter time everywhere and, that alone, dries skin.

    Second, two skin creams/lotions that aren’t going to cause even more breakouts – CeraVe and Cetaphil. Both were recommended to me by my dermatologist.

    I personally wouldn’t exfoliate at this time. I think that would just irritate your skin more. It seems like it’s irritated.

    When you do use zit cream in the future, given that your skin seems sensitive to it, use it less often. Every other day and only at night before going to bed, after washing your face. Our skin and body heals itself at night while we sleep so this is the best time to do that. Apply the cream and then moisturizer on top of it. I personally like Mary Kay Acne Treatment (I’m not one to usually go with fancy, expensive make-up and such. I just happen to come across this and I usually buy it on ebay.) I also happened to get my hands on a sample of dermalogica concealing spot treatment. It doesn’t really conceal much of anything, but I like it for daytime use as it Sulfur and Zinc Oxide instead of Benzoyl Peroxide which is extremely drying.

    If these ideas don’t help, then I’d for sure see a Derm. It could be a rash of some sort as well.

    Hope this helps some and feel free to get in touch if you want more info.

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