Give me a head with hair, long beautiful hair

I should probably post something about Christmas festivities with family but really, I’ve got nothing. We did a lot of last-ish minute shopping online (Yay, Amazon!) and haven’t wrapped a single present. In fact, we’re still waiting on a shipment of items and I still haven’t gotten my parents anything. Whoops.

I am still combatting the issues with my skin. Thank you for all of your suggestions! I tried a few of your suggestions but not much has changed (although I guess I should be a little more patient. Its only been like 2 days since I’ve tried any suggestion). I made an appointment with a dermatologist this morning but unfortunately (as predicted) couldn’t get an appointment until January. I am considering checking out an esthetician in the meantime but am concerned about cost. We’ll see. The skin saga continues (as though you all care).

This post is about Annmarie’s hair. Most people comment on how AM’s hair sticks up (as though she’s got a bad case of static electricity). It is still pretty wispy but I am amazed that it continues to stick up instead of lay flat.

I remember that she had thicker and darker hair when she was born. This hair lasted about a month:

Week 2 - February 19, 2011

And then it all fell out. I don’t remember when exactly it fell out but I remember one day thinking, “I thought she had more hair than this?” and looked back on pictures of her and wondered what the f happened.

Week 23 July 17 2011

But now it is coming back. Granted – it isn’t black anymore (despite this picture making it seem as though it is really dark).

Week 45 Dec 17 2011

Here’s another view of her mane:
Pick me up!

This picture gives you a better sense of her hair color (and okay, I’m just trying to post cute pictures of Annmarie):

Avocado mess

Because it is getting longer while still being relatively thin and wispy, the back of her hair is starting to look like a mullet. I couldn’t find a good picture to capture this.

My mom can’t seem to recall when I got hair but according to my dad, it took awhile.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to dress her as girly as possible so as to avoid any more, “How old is the little guy?” questions from nice strangers.



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5 responses to “Give me a head with hair, long beautiful hair

  1. Aw, love her hair! So fun!

    Em had no hair for what seemed liked forever, and then overnight – BAM! Tons of locks! I bet it’ll be the same for Annmarie.

  2. I love that in Week 45 she looks like she has a mohawk. Totally badass.

    I was born with thick, black hair, to the point that I was the spitting image of a chimpanzee. Seriously, my parents could have dropped me off at the zoo and they would have plopped me down in the monkey house without thinking twice.

  3. Oh my gosh I love her hair. I love when babies have crazy hair, it’s my fave.

  4. Stacy

    So cute! I didn’t have hair until I was THREE!!! And look at me now 🙂

  5. ~*awww:) she’s so freaking cute! you know…back in the day in the motherland…they would shave a baby’s head to “encourage” faster growth. whether it worked or not…no clue but u would see a bunch of babies w/ shaved heads sometimes:) on the flip side…I know plenty of babies with thin hair when they were little who grew out long locks so it’ll happen either way:)

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