New Kitchen Curtains

Baltimore is all in a tizzy today about the local football team playing in some big game this weekend (The Ravens are in the playoffs? I don’t know – I don’t follow football). But I’d like to take a small break from all this “purple pride” to bring you something even MORE exciting… my kitchen curtains!

I was on a roll with sewing and I’ve since slowed down a bit. This is mostly due to the fact that I’m just tired! But I did manage to finish up the kitchen curtains (a project that was started a couple of weeks ago but just finished the other night).

I snapped these pictures with my phone so the quality isn’t great (and strangely the light makes everything look very yellow:

I sewed this door curtain first (around the beginning of December). I screwed up the measurement of the curtain because… well, I don’t know. I just wasn’t paying close attention and thought I was measuring a specific width but actually had measured it too narrow. Luckily, my measurement was just enough to cover the actual window in the door with a 1/2 inch seam allowance. I wanted this to be wider and wasn’t pleased with it initially but it has since grown on me.

The window curtain took forever to complete. I had sewn the rectangle to cover the actual window but was up in the air about how I wanted the curtain to hang. I finally decided on sewing the 2 strips of fabric to kind of roll (er… bunch) the curtain up for a decorative effect. I’m on the fence about it but Jeremy said he likes it. Actually he didn’t even notice it when he came home so I’m not sure what that says about it.

My next project is sewing a curtain for this kitchen cart:

The open shelving is very appealing for a mobile baby that likes exploring. I try to block some of the cart with this walkabout activity center thing but AM is smart than me and knows how to move it.

I’m hoping putting a curtain will take away the appeal of this shelf but can’t figure out how I would attach the curtain. Jeremy suggested velco but I can see that falling off easily and annoying me. Any ideas?



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4 responses to “New Kitchen Curtains

  1. Pretty! As for curtain attachment… you could always take up handiwork and attach a rod to the front to slip it over; you could nail it up with decorative tacks; or… hm… yeah. Stumped.

  2. kristin

    try a tension rod at the top of the opening below the drawers. of course you realize, the stuff below may not be visible and draw her attention, but pulling the curtain down will. 🙂

  3. Amber

    Tension rod! Sold at Target, Walmart, etc. They are like 3 dollars. I used one to cover up my shelves at school because kids play with stuff they can see, but if you cover it up, magically they forget that stuff exists!

  4. Look at you being all crafty and shit! I love how you’re managed to find the cutest prints instead of just going solid colors. Super cute!

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