Childproofing – Hide, Block and Lock

Quick update – AM’s middle of the night wake-ups have seemed to gone away for the most part. I appreciate the comments and after much searching online, followed the advice of many parents and stopped picking her up out of the crib. Putting her back down (since she’s usually standing and crying) and just rubbing her belly had her falling back asleep within 10 minutes. Hallelujah (although I’d be happier if she just slept through the night).

And now…

Big news, people – AM is walking!

I realize she isn’t the most graceful creature (and while it isn’t entirely obvious, she seems to really dig doing a side step). I know it’ll take more practice for her but what this means is…


Not only is she walking, she enjoys (and I mean throws a tantrum if you try to stop her) crawling up the stairs.

Ooh what's this?

We have a somewhat open stair case (see picture) so this is really scary.

Due to the setup of the stairs, a typical baby gate won’t work. We’re looking around but so far I’ve had to resort to this:
My temporary baby gate
(please excuse the mess – Hurricane Annmarie terrorized the living room and I quickly had to move the pack & play in front of the stairs)

So between the mobility, desire to risk her short little life on unsecure steps… she also loves to get into drawers and cabinets.

I mentioned that we installed the safety latches (similar to these) and they don’t seem to work on all the drawers.

And then I presented the dilemma with the kitchen cart. Well I took your advice and bought some tension rods and sewed some curtains. Apparently hiding things makes them magically childproofed.
kitchen cart curtain

She couldn’t get enough of trying to pull things off of these shelves but now hasn’t bothered to touch the cart.

I also did this with the wine tower. Before she would always pull the bottles out and now she doesn’t even touch it:
Curtain for wine cabinet

(Did you notice that I used the same fabric from the cart and combined it with the kitchen curtains? I did this because I didn’t have enough of the kitchen cart fabric but I like the look – it makes it fancier.)

And here’s a better view of the kitchen curtains. I’m still not sure how I feel about the bunching.
kitchen curtain

So that’s it. That’s how we’ve childproofed so far. I’m looking for a gate that is only 23″ in height (or at least adjustable to be that short). We have gates at the top of the stairs and the top of the basement stairs since a standard gate would fit (actually – the gate to the basement stairs was installed to keep the dogs out).

Feel free to leave a comment about how AM clearly looks like she’ll be a star athlete (that will be awarded college scholarships and multi-million endorement deals) judging by her wobbly steps or how amazing my curtains look and how I should try out for Project Runway: Housewares.



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7 responses to “Childproofing – Hide, Block and Lock

  1. Love the covers! And walking – OH MY! Congrats AM, and GOOD LUCK to you! 🙂

  2. You know, I’m starting to get the idea that AM has a mind of her own and a bit of a stubborn streak. Feel free to argue about who she got that one from.

  3. Meredith

    Hey maybe AM just wanted a little glass of chardonnay after a rough day of daycare 🙂

  4. Uncle Bob

    She’s looking good! PS, my youngest brother was a biter, but his biting was a weapon reserved for fighting as I recall. Love the pics.

  5. Corey Holland

    Thank you for your idea for childproofing the kitchen cart. We have the exact same one (!) and I have been trying to think of ways to block access. I’m hoping I can fool my daughter with some curtains, too.

  6. I’m going out on a limb here and say, this might not be as awesome as you think. I have penrsoally witnessed all 3 of my children fall down the stairs. (Of course I tried to save them, I didn’t actually just stand there and watch!) They all survived none the worse for the wear.However, I go to birthday parties with the 2 stoy tall bounce slide things where the kids are expected to hold a rope and scale their way up to the top. All I see when they are doing this is the possibility of them falling backward, rolling head over feet and breaking their neck. That house would be my nightmare.If it were one story, I would be ALL OVER IT!

  7. IJWTS wow! Why can’t I think of things like that?

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