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The Post about My Baby’s 1st Birthday Party (no clever title here)

I realize that a post about Annmarie’s 1st birthday party is a tad late considering that the party was over 3 weeks ago.  However, I’m still sharing this mostly for the random people that might try to Google information on this type of birthday party and want ideas.

I know many parents probably go overboard with their baby’s first birthday party (especially if this is their first child).  While I try not to get sucked into some parenting things, I was pretty much stuck making a big deal out of AM’s birthday party because there was a Korean tradition tied to it (that made it a HUGE ordeal).

I’m going to try to make this as non-wordy as possible while still providing information on the party.

So the Korean tradition.  The tradition is known as dol.  It is a big deal.  There are websites dedicated to these parties.  Sweet baby jebus.

I searched online for as much information, as many pictures and whatever else I could get my hands on for this party.  My mom wasn’t much help so I relied heavily on my only Korean friend (hi, Angie!).  She was awesome and hooked me up with some of her friends to get the scoop.

So here are pictures from the party courtesy of Myriam:

AM sitting on the head dol table

A rare picture of Annmarie sitting pretty

A photo of te whole dol table setup

Annmarie gets kind of lost amongst all of the traditional items, huh?

Booklet explaining Dol

I created these small 4 page booklets describing the Korean dol tradition

Display of Annmarie's weekly photos

I displayed all of the weekly pictures I had taken of Annmarie over the past year

Stuff that was on the front table

I provided some snacks, candy and toys for the guests


First image in the slideshow

It was recommended that I have a slideshow at the party - this was the first image of the slideshow

Cake decorated to look like a hanbok

Amazing birthday cake decorated to look like a hanbok - made by my wedding cake Vendor!

Blowing out the birthday candle

I had to blow out the candle on the cake because Annmarie was trying to touch the flame

Doljabi Board

The Doljabi board - we asked guests to guess what they thought Annmarie would pick during this game

A photo of Annmarie about to start the doljabi game

We placed various objects in front of Annmarie and watched her pick one

She initially picked up the little soccer ball but the collective gasp from the crowd scared her so she ended up grabbing the pencils. She's going to be a scholar!

A photo of some of the food served at the party

Some of the yummy Korean food that was being served to guests

A picture of the family

Our little family - I even invited my chins to pose in the picture

There are many photos of our friends and family but I didn’t want to post them on this blog since I’m not sure how they feel about being on my blog.
So there it is.  My baby is now one and according to Baby Center, she is now considered a TODDLER.  UGH.  I feel old.


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Fashion Friday – Spring Cleaning and Still Searching

My quest for colored denim continues.  I went by Target this past weekend to try on the Mossimo Junior’s colored jeans that I linked last week.  ANDOHMYGOD – they were awful.  Beyond awful.  I could tell that they were quite skinny and bordering jeggings territory but I wasn’t prepared for how ridiculous I’d look in them.

I went with a friend of mine and her reaction was, “um… you look skinny.”  Normally that is a selling point for me but I could tell that she didn’t think highly of the pants.  They looked like leggings and that wasn’t exactly what I wanted.

On Monday, I hit up Kohl’s to check out their selection.  I found a decent pair (although they seemed a little more cropped than I liked) but I couldn’t justify the cost (even though they were on sale for $55 – that was still more than I wanted to pay for this trend):

I think I’m going to have to suck it up and pay a little more if I want non-jegging style versions of this damn trend.

I also went through my closet for an early spring cleaning.  I went through this exercise before I was pregnant and ended up removing 10 large shopping bags of clothes.  My closet was still pretty packed and I had recently reached that point where I found getting stuff out of my closet to be stressful.  I realized I wasn’t wearing a large portion of my clothing anymore because my sense of style has changed a bit or I *gasp* could not longer fit into them.

As I pulled out a bunch of stuff, my friend noted that I had the closet of a Target or [insert large chain store name here].  I had so many khaki pants!  But not even cute khaki.  I had mom khaki.  I had Target employee khaki.  And lots of it.  I stopped wearing a lot of it years ago (and in fact and am almost embarrassed that I wore any of it).

And as my friend pointed out, since I can see how much stuff I’m removing – it is difficult to restrain myself from getting more stuff!  I’m hoping that I can consign a large portion of these items considering I found some high-ish end jeans that still had the price tag attached as well as some other decent items.

I also failed to snap any photos of myself again this week.  Again, I need my photographer (who has been busy studying).

Oh and I also ended up exchanging that H&M herringbone dress (I shared the link last week).  I felt sassy and bought the pink.  Then I sat on it for a few days and realized that I’m not that sassy and that I’d get more wear out of the black & white version.  I wore the dress on Tuesday and it got TONS of compliments.


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Pinteractive: Baked Avocado Fries

I was eager to try this recipe when I saw it on Pinterest the other week.

I love avocados.  I love fries.  This seemed like a great idea!

This didn’t call for a ton of ingredients (another selling point for this recipe):

food 003

And now here is where things went downhill.  I guess I didn’t compute that I’d be breading slices of avocado (something that isn’t very solid).

My very messy station:
food 008

Can you see the buildup on my fingertips?  Panko flakes really stick to egg.
food 006

The recipe directed you to place the slices on a cooling rack that had been sprayed with cooking spray.  I skipped this step because this was already way messier than I anticipated and I didn’t want to dirty up more space.  These went straight onto the pan.
food 012

And here they are fresh out of the oven (I didn’t bother to style the fries so that they looked amazingly delicious):
food 013

The verdict?  Meh.  I really liked the crunchy texture but wasn’t blown away by the taste.  Jeremy didn’t like it at all.  He said he didn’t like the combination of egg with avocado.

I have 3 more avocados right now (I’m glad I didn’t make fries out of all of the avocados!) so I’m trying to think up what I could do with them.



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Fashion Friday – Trends I’m Digging

I didn’t take any pictures of what I wore this week. It was pretty lackluster (although I do like the dress I’m wearing today) plus I’ve had a sick baby who was ultra clingy (so trying to snap an outfit photo wasn’t exactly a priority). So here’s a picture of the shoes I’m wearing today:

I bought these at Target because I was really into the whole oxford shoe with cute dresses thing. But I don’t wear these often. I like them a lot but feel like a bit of a turd in them. Like maybe I’m not fashionable enough to pull off that trend.

Anywho. Despite not taking any pics of my outfits this week, I’m not abandoning this whole fashion thing. For this post, I’ll just talk about a couple of purchases, some trends I’m digging, and one of my favorite fashion items.

New Purchases

I received a generous gift card from my in-laws for Christmas to TOMS. I had a couple of shoes on my wish list and I guess they felt it was just easier to give me a gift card so that I could choose the shoes I wanted. I saw some blurb about how they were releasing ballet flats so I waited… and waited.

But then they released the ballet flats and I still waited. The gift card was enough to cover most of the cost of 2 pairs of classic TOMS. The ballet flats were much more. I hesitated. I went back to look at the large variety of shoes. I waited some more. But then I realized that I need to stop being such a turd about this because these were a gift! So I pulled the trigger and ordered these:

Morocco Women’s Vegan Classics

Isabel Burlap Flat

I tried to pick ballet flats that I thought would be more versatile (since they weren’t exactly cheap). And since I already own gray flats (and even gray classic TOMS), I wanted another good neutral shoe.

And I guess since I went so safe with my shoe choice, I was craving something a little more exciting. Actually, I popped into H&M to look for another trend I’m into right now but stumbled across this great dress for only $17.95!

H&M Herringbone Dress

I was really torn between the pink/black and the white/black. While the white/black seemed like a great versatile piece, I wanted something fun. And at $17.95, it didn’t seem like much of a risk! But I’ll be honest… I’m contemplating going back and also getting the white/black version.

Trends I’m Digging

I really am digging colored denim right now. At first I thought it was too loud, but it has been growing on me for quite some time. However, I refuse to spend a lot of money on this as I really think it is a fleeting trend.

While I’ve seen myriad colors, I really want either red jeans or cobalt blue jeans:

Target’s Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Skinny Denim

Forever 21’s Low-Rise Colored Skinny Jeans

I tried to run over to F21 today at lunch but they were sold out. I went over to H&M but they didn’t have my size in their red jeans (and holy hell… talk about feeling like a fatty boombalatty. I tried putting on the smaller size of the sizes I tend to teeter between and I couldn’t get it past my calves!).

I’m not sure if I’m too old for these (and the fact that the Target jeans are branded as “juniors” doesn’t help to alleviate this concern) but at less than $25, I figured it was too big of a loss. It is worth a try, right? I’m going to try them this weekend (if I can find my size).

Favorite Fashion Item

So one of my favorite fashion items is a scarf. Actually, 2 scarves but I find myself wearing this one around the office a lot more than the other (and it is because the other one is pink with white skulls on it).
Playing dress up

(okay – and I also just wanted to post a cute picture of my baby although this picture is from 6 months ago.)

I recently saw a pin on Pinterest about a different way to loop the scarf and have been a big fan of this method ever since.

What trends are you into? Am I too old for colored denim?


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You Know When You’re a…

… Boring married couple with a baby when your idea of an amazing Valentine’s day gift is having your partner prepare all of your baby’s daycare stuff and make her dinner so that when you get home from work, you actually can relax a little.  I know that doesn’t sound like much but since Jeremy has been studying for the bar since the end of December, I’ve been pulling single parent duty.  To say I’m exhausted is an understatement.  I give a lot of credit to single parents… I don’t know how you do it.

I tried to have Annmarie walk her Valentine’s day card to Jeremy but she was not having it.  She’s been under the weather so when I handed her the card, she promptly threw it on the ground and started screaming.  

Jeremy’s card was a flirty card and mine was so not:


We didn’t exchange any gifts.  I gave Jeremy some candy bars and he took some things off  of my plate this evening.  But I did come home from work to this:

Welcome home

And that’s what being married for nearly 5 years (in April!) and having a 1 year old will do.  I wouldn’t have it any other way! Actually, I’d prefer to be home WITH Jeremy (after he’s passed the bar) but I’m happy with a low key holiday.


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Pinteractive: No Heat Curl

If you’re like the rest of the internet (the ones with vaginas) – then you’ve probably already encountered the magic of Pinterest.  It is a world that fools you into thinking that you’re a magnificent baker, expert craftster and Project Runway designer all at once.  You feel like you can conquer the world with a spatula, glue gun and sewing machine.

And then you spend hours sometimes just trolling through pages (pins) of amazing crafts and see that you’ve pinned a TON of things that you swear you’ll do someday only to not ever actually do it.

Thanks to Nanette, she’s come up with a great idea to get us motivated to actually start carrying out our pins through her Pinteractive link-up.

I’ve actually carried out a few things I’ve pinned but they’re old news now.  Instead, I’ll show you what I did somewhat recently.  You’ll have to excuse the crap pictures but I wasn’t sure if this would turn out well or not so I didn’t bother getting out the good camera. 

Anyone that knows me knows I am incredibly lazy when it comes to my hair.  It has reached trailer park lengths and I really need to get it cut.  However, I’ve had short hair before.  I had short hair for years and it is a high maintenance cut for me.  I like to keep my hair long because it means I can pull it back.  Don’t argue with me.

Sometimes, however, I feel a little sassy and try different things with my hair.  But now that I have a very mobile 1 year old, I can’t waste time tinkering with my hair.  When I saw the “No Heat Curl” on Pinterest, I was sold.  The Paper Mama has posted other helpful hair tips (I’m a big fan of the sock bun) so I had faith that this wouldn’t be a huge waste of time or anything.

I found a fabric headband in my stash of hair accessories.  Since I’d be sleeping in it AND wrapping my hair around it, I didn’t want to use my rubberish elastic headband.

Hair wrapped up in headband

This wasn’t difficult to execute.  Although I didn’t put my hair up slightly damp post shower.  I am not a night shower person.  I need a shower in the morning to wake up and feel refreshed.  Instead, I ran water over my hair brush and brushed my hair so that it was slightly damp.

I also struggled a bit with my mostly grown out bangs.  They were much shorter than most of my hair and I worried about how the pieces would lay if I curled it.  So I followed what the Paper Mama did and just wrapped the lower portion of my bangs.

Here was the result in the morning.
Hair post-no heat curl

When I woke up, I noticed the headband had slid up past my hairline.  I knew this would cause some weirdness with my hair and I was right.
hairline after no-heat curl

But overall, I was pleased with the new body my hair had since it is normally stick straight and quite limp.

I wish I could report how long the curl lasted in my hair but after having it down for 10 minutes and getting attacked with some static (caused by the super dry winter air) – I immediately pulled it up into a bun.  Granted, my bun was now a cute somewhat messy looking topknot so I was happy with that.

I’d definitely try this again with sort of shorter hair and in the spring/early summer.

Are you on Pinterest?



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Bringing Back Fashion Friday

I know I’ve tried to keep this up numerous time but I really mean it this time. This isn’t even a matter of trying to hold myself accountable to dressing decently (and by decent, I just mean not like a schlub).  I really just enjoy fashion!

I haven’t determined if Fridays will be a weekly round-up of outfits (and I won’t go into too much depth about my outfits unless you guys ask) or if I’ll just feature one outfit that I was particularly happy with that week.

I’m not sharing any outfits today because (1) I didn’t take any pictures from this week and (2) today’s outfit is okay but I’d have to share a phone picture and I’m really trying to avoid posting mostly phone pics.  I have a DSLR and I need to get back on trying to use it again.

Instead, I’ll just share some of the fashion blogs that I currently dig (and secretly admire for the most part). Is this a cop out post? Why yes, yes it is. Enjoy!

Bmore Love Leigh

This gal lives in my city (so I immediately like her). I love her style (including her home style. I used to read her husband’s blog about their row home. They were even featured on an HGTV show once).

J’s Everyday Fashion

What I love about this blogger’s page is that her stuff is always AFFORDABLE. Nothing is worse than when you see an outfit you love but look at the list of items and realize that some of the items cost more than a monthly mortgage payment.

Jen Loves Kev

I love this girl’s style. And I also love that she’s a mom and vegetarian (she posts recipes from time to time and shares pics of her baby).

Harper’s Happenings

This isn’t a style blog but I love her style nonetheless. She always wears inexpensive and/or thrifted stuff.

Right now I’m in the middle of what I call bar studying / post-Christmas / post-birthday CHAOS in my house. It is leaving me feeling incredibly overwhelmed but without a partner available to help organize (or at least keep watch of a walking curious baby) I haven’t been able to get things under control.

I feel overwhelmed and just can’t think straight (hence the lack of blog posts).

I will post about AM’s birthday party (we survived!). But here’s a couple of pics that our photographer (if you live in MD, hire her!) shared so far:
Mr. Monkey gets some sweets
Birthday girl
Birthday candle


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