Bringing Back Fashion Friday

I know I’ve tried to keep this up numerous time but I really mean it this time. This isn’t even a matter of trying to hold myself accountable to dressing decently (and by decent, I just mean not like a schlub).  I really just enjoy fashion!

I haven’t determined if Fridays will be a weekly round-up of outfits (and I won’t go into too much depth about my outfits unless you guys ask) or if I’ll just feature one outfit that I was particularly happy with that week.

I’m not sharing any outfits today because (1) I didn’t take any pictures from this week and (2) today’s outfit is okay but I’d have to share a phone picture and I’m really trying to avoid posting mostly phone pics.  I have a DSLR and I need to get back on trying to use it again.

Instead, I’ll just share some of the fashion blogs that I currently dig (and secretly admire for the most part). Is this a cop out post? Why yes, yes it is. Enjoy!

Bmore Love Leigh

This gal lives in my city (so I immediately like her). I love her style (including her home style. I used to read her husband’s blog about their row home. They were even featured on an HGTV show once).

J’s Everyday Fashion

What I love about this blogger’s page is that her stuff is always AFFORDABLE. Nothing is worse than when you see an outfit you love but look at the list of items and realize that some of the items cost more than a monthly mortgage payment.

Jen Loves Kev

I love this girl’s style. And I also love that she’s a mom and vegetarian (she posts recipes from time to time and shares pics of her baby).

Harper’s Happenings

This isn’t a style blog but I love her style nonetheless. She always wears inexpensive and/or thrifted stuff.

Right now I’m in the middle of what I call bar studying / post-Christmas / post-birthday CHAOS in my house. It is leaving me feeling incredibly overwhelmed but without a partner available to help organize (or at least keep watch of a walking curious baby) I haven’t been able to get things under control.

I feel overwhelmed and just can’t think straight (hence the lack of blog posts).

I will post about AM’s birthday party (we survived!). But here’s a couple of pics that our photographer (if you live in MD, hire her!) shared so far:
Mr. Monkey gets some sweets
Birthday girl
Birthday candle



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4 responses to “Bringing Back Fashion Friday

  1. Meredith

    I love J’s Everyday Fashion! I feel like I’m a better dresser (slightly) because of her blog!

    Such adorable pics of AM!

  2. Wow, thanks for the shout out! I’m a huge fan of J’s Everyday Fashion as well – she’s the best at doing the look for less. Can’t wait to see your fashion fridays again!
    These are the most precious pictures ever! If anyone can make me want kids, I think AM could 🙂

  3. Okay, so I’ve been eager to hear about this epic birthday party anyway, just from hearing you talking about it. But after these pictures? I am now fascinated and bordering on obsessed.

  4. YAY, new blogs to check out !!! 🙂

    Also – YAY for fashion posts, can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    And also also – we seem to be leading parallel lives or something, because I am also in the midst of CHAOS with a mostly-absent partner (board studying rather than the bar, but same difference…)

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