Pinteractive: No Heat Curl

If you’re like the rest of the internet (the ones with vaginas) – then you’ve probably already encountered the magic of Pinterest.  It is a world that fools you into thinking that you’re a magnificent baker, expert craftster and Project Runway designer all at once.  You feel like you can conquer the world with a spatula, glue gun and sewing machine.

And then you spend hours sometimes just trolling through pages (pins) of amazing crafts and see that you’ve pinned a TON of things that you swear you’ll do someday only to not ever actually do it.

Thanks to Nanette, she’s come up with a great idea to get us motivated to actually start carrying out our pins through her Pinteractive link-up.

I’ve actually carried out a few things I’ve pinned but they’re old news now.  Instead, I’ll show you what I did somewhat recently.  You’ll have to excuse the crap pictures but I wasn’t sure if this would turn out well or not so I didn’t bother getting out the good camera. 

Anyone that knows me knows I am incredibly lazy when it comes to my hair.  It has reached trailer park lengths and I really need to get it cut.  However, I’ve had short hair before.  I had short hair for years and it is a high maintenance cut for me.  I like to keep my hair long because it means I can pull it back.  Don’t argue with me.

Sometimes, however, I feel a little sassy and try different things with my hair.  But now that I have a very mobile 1 year old, I can’t waste time tinkering with my hair.  When I saw the “No Heat Curl” on Pinterest, I was sold.  The Paper Mama has posted other helpful hair tips (I’m a big fan of the sock bun) so I had faith that this wouldn’t be a huge waste of time or anything.

I found a fabric headband in my stash of hair accessories.  Since I’d be sleeping in it AND wrapping my hair around it, I didn’t want to use my rubberish elastic headband.

Hair wrapped up in headband

This wasn’t difficult to execute.  Although I didn’t put my hair up slightly damp post shower.  I am not a night shower person.  I need a shower in the morning to wake up and feel refreshed.  Instead, I ran water over my hair brush and brushed my hair so that it was slightly damp.

I also struggled a bit with my mostly grown out bangs.  They were much shorter than most of my hair and I worried about how the pieces would lay if I curled it.  So I followed what the Paper Mama did and just wrapped the lower portion of my bangs.

Here was the result in the morning.
Hair post-no heat curl

When I woke up, I noticed the headband had slid up past my hairline.  I knew this would cause some weirdness with my hair and I was right.
hairline after no-heat curl

But overall, I was pleased with the new body my hair had since it is normally stick straight and quite limp.

I wish I could report how long the curl lasted in my hair but after having it down for 10 minutes and getting attacked with some static (caused by the super dry winter air) – I immediately pulled it up into a bun.  Granted, my bun was now a cute somewhat messy looking topknot so I was happy with that.

I’d definitely try this again with sort of shorter hair and in the spring/early summer.

Are you on Pinterest?



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7 responses to “Pinteractive: No Heat Curl

  1. uh, YEAH, i’m on pinterest 😉

  2. I’m with you – when I’ve had shorter hair I felt like I had to spend more time on styling it or I would look like a dude. My hair is the opposite of curly, so I’ll have to give this a try!

    I like the idea of actually doing some of the things I find on Pinterest. But I’m somewhat lazy. I’m sure there is a cute picture on Pinterest in adorable font with pretty colors that emphasizes my desire to execute my pinnings…I’ll have to go search for that.

  3. I need to give the no-heat curl another shot. The headband moved too much when I slept, so it came out wonky, but it obviously works well for others! (Also, The Paper Mama is the awesome-sauce.)

    Thanks for linking up!

  4. Look at you rock that headband! Though I have to say, I totally dig the waves.

    Funny story, my new haircut came from images I found on Pinterest.

  5. mere2142

    I look at my Pintrest boards and think ‘who am I kidding?’, This might be a nice kick in the butt to actually attempt some of those ideas I keep pinning!

  6. I have shoulder-length hair that tends toward wavy, but not wavy enough to look cute … just like I didn’t bother with it. If I scrunch it up it can be cute-curly so this looks like it might work for me. I’ll have to give it a try. Thanks for testing. 😉

  7. I have almost waist length hair and I have tried and tried the sock bun and it turns out terrible. Maybe this headband thing would work better. Maybe I should just give up and admit I have straight hair.
    I so love Pinterest.

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