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Fashion Friday – Spring Cleaning and Still Searching

My quest for colored denim continues.  I went by Target this past weekend to try on the Mossimo Junior’s colored jeans that I linked last week.  ANDOHMYGOD – they were awful.  Beyond awful.  I could tell that they were quite skinny and bordering jeggings territory but I wasn’t prepared for how ridiculous I’d look in them.

I went with a friend of mine and her reaction was, “um… you look skinny.”  Normally that is a selling point for me but I could tell that she didn’t think highly of the pants.  They looked like leggings and that wasn’t exactly what I wanted.

On Monday, I hit up Kohl’s to check out their selection.  I found a decent pair (although they seemed a little more cropped than I liked) but I couldn’t justify the cost (even though they were on sale for $55 – that was still more than I wanted to pay for this trend):

I think I’m going to have to suck it up and pay a little more if I want non-jegging style versions of this damn trend.

I also went through my closet for an early spring cleaning.  I went through this exercise before I was pregnant and ended up removing 10 large shopping bags of clothes.  My closet was still pretty packed and I had recently reached that point where I found getting stuff out of my closet to be stressful.  I realized I wasn’t wearing a large portion of my clothing anymore because my sense of style has changed a bit or I *gasp* could not longer fit into them.

As I pulled out a bunch of stuff, my friend noted that I had the closet of a Target or [insert large chain store name here].  I had so many khaki pants!  But not even cute khaki.  I had mom khaki.  I had Target employee khaki.  And lots of it.  I stopped wearing a lot of it years ago (and in fact and am almost embarrassed that I wore any of it).

And as my friend pointed out, since I can see how much stuff I’m removing – it is difficult to restrain myself from getting more stuff!  I’m hoping that I can consign a large portion of these items considering I found some high-ish end jeans that still had the price tag attached as well as some other decent items.

I also failed to snap any photos of myself again this week.  Again, I need my photographer (who has been busy studying).

Oh and I also ended up exchanging that H&M herringbone dress (I shared the link last week).  I felt sassy and bought the pink.  Then I sat on it for a few days and realized that I’m not that sassy and that I’d get more wear out of the black & white version.  I wore the dress on Tuesday and it got TONS of compliments.



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