The Post about My Baby’s 1st Birthday Party (no clever title here)

I realize that a post about Annmarie’s 1st birthday party is a tad late considering that the party was over 3 weeks ago.  However, I’m still sharing this mostly for the random people that might try to Google information on this type of birthday party and want ideas.

I know many parents probably go overboard with their baby’s first birthday party (especially if this is their first child).  While I try not to get sucked into some parenting things, I was pretty much stuck making a big deal out of AM’s birthday party because there was a Korean tradition tied to it (that made it a HUGE ordeal).

I’m going to try to make this as non-wordy as possible while still providing information on the party.

So the Korean tradition.  The tradition is known as dol.  It is a big deal.  There are websites dedicated to these parties.  Sweet baby jebus.

I searched online for as much information, as many pictures and whatever else I could get my hands on for this party.  My mom wasn’t much help so I relied heavily on my only Korean friend (hi, Angie!).  She was awesome and hooked me up with some of her friends to get the scoop.

So here are pictures from the party courtesy of Myriam:

AM sitting on the head dol table

A rare picture of Annmarie sitting pretty

A photo of te whole dol table setup

Annmarie gets kind of lost amongst all of the traditional items, huh?

Booklet explaining Dol

I created these small 4 page booklets describing the Korean dol tradition

Display of Annmarie's weekly photos

I displayed all of the weekly pictures I had taken of Annmarie over the past year

Stuff that was on the front table

I provided some snacks, candy and toys for the guests


First image in the slideshow

It was recommended that I have a slideshow at the party - this was the first image of the slideshow

Cake decorated to look like a hanbok

Amazing birthday cake decorated to look like a hanbok - made by my wedding cake Vendor!

Blowing out the birthday candle

I had to blow out the candle on the cake because Annmarie was trying to touch the flame

Doljabi Board

The Doljabi board - we asked guests to guess what they thought Annmarie would pick during this game

A photo of Annmarie about to start the doljabi game

We placed various objects in front of Annmarie and watched her pick one

She initially picked up the little soccer ball but the collective gasp from the crowd scared her so she ended up grabbing the pencils. She's going to be a scholar!

A photo of some of the food served at the party

Some of the yummy Korean food that was being served to guests

A picture of the family

Our little family - I even invited my chins to pose in the picture

There are many photos of our friends and family but I didn’t want to post them on this blog since I’m not sure how they feel about being on my blog.
So there it is.  My baby is now one and according to Baby Center, she is now considered a TODDLER.  UGH.  I feel old.



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7 responses to “The Post about My Baby’s 1st Birthday Party (no clever title here)

  1. WOW – looks amazing! And AM is as adorable as ever (as are her parents)!

  2. kristin

    love that family picture!! and all the decorations you made turned out perfectly. and you are old. 🙂

  3. What an awesome party!

  4. Holy monkey balls, looks like you guys had fun!

    Also, I love love LOVE the way that the way AM’s hair has grown in it makes it look like she has a mohawk. She’s so punk rock.

  5. This is amazing! I can’t believe all the details you put into this. I’m curious what some of the other items mean. Pencils = scholar. Soccer ball = athlete? I can make a pretty good guess on some of the others ones, and I suppose, now that I think about it, I could just click that handy little link up there.

    Ignore me.

  6. Meredith

    I like that your Mom threw down her bank roll 🙂

    My mouth is watering thinking of all that yummy food. Do you think you can score some for movie night?

  7. foeweelMikeC

    HI. I was wondering which banquet hall and caterer you used as we are planning ours in November in Baltimore. Thanks

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