No Clever Title Here – just a post about a lot of unrelated things

I had an entire post about breastfeeding written and then just deleted it because it bored me to tears.

But here’s what I wanted to share with the blogosphere:  I’m still breastfeeding.  I have a 13 month old and she is still getting the hoot juice straight from the tap (only in the morning and at night).  I feel a little awkward telling people this since it seems most people don’t go beyond a year.  I’m waiting on signs from AM that she’s over it but she doesn’t seem like she wants to let go.  Oy.

In case you’re wondering, we have moved her to milk of the non boob variety and she drinks it just fine.

But the day she had her last bit of frozen breastmilk was strangely sad for me.  And even stranger, I took a picture of it.
Photo of the last bag of frozen breast milk

In other news…

I came home from work the other day and saw some guys outside having a disagreement.  I also noticed a pretty banged up car.  I asked my neighbor who was outside watching (as most Baltimoreans like to do) what happened and he told me that the banged up car rear ended someone but tried to drive off.  The driver of the rear-ended car ended up chasing the other driver into my neighborhood.  The accident causer also called a bunch of his buddies to come by (I’m guessing in an attempt to intimidate the guy) but my neighbor came out with a baseball bat.  Gotta love city living!  When I went to my car the next morning, I noticed the “oops” sticker on the banged up car and it made me laugh.
Photo of damaged car

Jeremy took the bar.  We won’t know if he passed until May but all of that non-stop studying is over.  And it is so weird.  But I look forward to reorganizing our house because it is currently a disaster zone filled with study guides, notes, pens, pencils, and other things that have accumulated since I haven’t been able to put anything away.

As a “congrats on finishing the bar” and “I hope you enjoy your first day back to work after taking nearly 3 weeks off to study” from AM, Jeremy slipped on his work shoes this morning and felt a *crunch*.  Apparently AM had been slipping some of her cereal puffs into his shoes over the last few weeks.  Ha!

But now that he’s home, I’m going to start sewing again.  I put it on the back burner when I took on single parent status because I was just too tired to sew.  My last project?  This sad little heart on one of AM’s onesies.
Onesie with a heart sewn on it

And lastly, don’t you just love baby clothes?  AM received this Harajuku Lover’s jumper for her birthday.  Jeremy thinks she looks like a clown.  I love it.
A photo of AM wearing her Harajuku Lover's jumper

Wow – this post was all over the place, huh?



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6 responses to “No Clever Title Here – just a post about a lot of unrelated things

  1. Great job with the breastfeeding!

    That oops sticker is hilarious.

    Yay for taking the bar! Sending lots of “passing” thoughts.

    LOVE AM’s outfit!

  2. Uncle Bob

    Wishing Jeremy good fortune with passing the bar on his first try. I’m impressed that he’s accomplished so much. PS – WHO recommends breast feeding for 2 years minimum.

  3. Your post sounds exactly like my brain right now: rambling and unfocused. Which is exactly why I haven’t posted much lately. Maybe I’ll steal your inspiration and do a rambly post.

    Also, AM looks nothing like a clown. She looks super super adorable.

  4. I don’t think there’s really a “appropriate” age to stop breastfeeding. Every child is different right? Except 5. Five might not be an appropriate age to stop breastfeeding…

    Congrats to Jeremy on the bar!

  5. No worries about breastfeeding past a year- I went until my son self- weaned about 14 months. I was so sad and he was a trooper. Whenever you do it, is the best time. The accident recap is hilarity! Got to love city living.

  6. Kelly

    I’m the only one in my group of “new moms” still breastfeeding and my baby is 9 months, so it’s kinda hard for me to guage what other people are doing. Just go by AM’s cues and your gut, just like you’re doing. Congrats for making it to 1 year +. Love the outfit, too!

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