Pinteractive: DIY Fabric Bins

I have to say, Nanette‘s Pinteractive challenge.  It is definitely keeping me motivated to try things (instead of always aimlessly pinning lots and lots of things and saying, “I should do that someday”).  Hopefully I’ll get to a sewing project soon but this is one step closer to sewing since it dealt with fabric.

This is kind of cheating.  I actually didn’t “pin” this (although I did just pin this for the sake of this activity).  I’m an avid reader of this blog, I Heart Organization, because I LOVE organization.  I envy her ridiculously organized house.  She posted this simple project and I thought, “what a great idea!  I can do that.”  So I set out to do it this weekend (and then I pinned it about 10 minutes ago so I can consider this a Pinteractive activity).

This project entailed covering cardboard boxes in fabric and using it as toy storage.  With Annmarie’s toy collection expanding rapidly, we were running out of spaces and places to put her toys.  I didn’t want to continue buying baskets (because I am cheap and our house is going to be overrun with baskets) so I loved this idea.

We had the perfect cardboard box (it held all of Jeremy’s bar prep material).

I purchased fabric (that was only $3.97/yard from Wal-fart) and spray adhesive.

I probably should have read the blogger’s instructions better because I definitely just winged it.  I’m sure there were better ways and I definitely inhaled a large amount of that spray adhesive (so much so that I thought I had damaged my brain because I couldn’t speak in full sentences for the rest of the day).  But I’m mostly happy with the results.

Here’s the box I started with:
cardboard box

After adhering the first strip of fabric:
Halfway done

The finished product:
A new box?

I’m only mostly happy with it because I think it looks like one of those open wrapped boxes you see around the holidays (when people are collecting toy donations).  The blogger had added grommets to her boxes with rope handles.  That detail added a really nice finished look that made the boxes look more like bins (and not wrapped boxes).

I’m too cheap to buy a grommet maker thingy (although Jeremy informed me that his mom has one).  If I can borrow one, I think I’ll add handles.  But it is serving its intended purpose so that’s all that matters for now.



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5 responses to “Pinteractive: DIY Fabric Bins

  1. That turned out great! I love her blog, too, and her ideas are totally worth cheating for. 😉

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. I actually think it looks great! What did you end up using it for?

  3. Looks like you have the AM seal of approval. I’d consider that one a success!

  4. kristin

    looks really cute, totally worth the potential loss of brain cells. i might have a grommet-maker-thingy if you want to borrow it.

  5. looks great, at least in pics! and i may have to attempt this myself… though try not to inhale too many fumes, i couldnt afford the loss of brain cells (they seem to be depleting themselves spontaneously over here)

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