Pinteractive: Magnetic Chalkboard

I do have other things going on other than my incessant need to get Pinteractive, I swear. It’s just that With Jeremy NOT studying for anything anymore, I’m actually able to get around to doing the crafty things I’ve been eyeballing on Pinterest. I just hit up JoAnn Fabrics and hope to get sewing again soon.

I had seen this pin awhile ago and loved the idea. Even though the pinned project just created a magnet board, the pinner’s suggestion of painting it with chalkboard paint was brilliant.  A few weeks later, I saw that one of my favorite fashion bloggers had actually followed through with the plan.

Annmarie really loves the alphabet magnets given to us by Myriam. She was also gifted another magnet set (barnyard animals!) for her birthday and I knew we didn’t have enough room on our fridge. I know that sounds ridiculous but it really is due to the placement of our appliances. We can’t place magnets that stick out on one of the doors because it hits the wall. Fantastic, right?

I thought of the pin I had seen and wanted to install something similar. We just upgraded our TV stand and were able to pack away a lot of things. I’ll have to do a post on that sometime because I love organization. While we aren’t completely organized, we are taking steps in the right direction and it makes me SO HAPPY.


We went to wal-Fart to pick up the infamous “oil drip pan”. I didn’t really understand how large it would be until we were at the store. This thing is massive. But I was afraid that a cookie sheet would be too small. And since the pan was only like $10, I figured if we hated it – it wasn’t like a huge investment (and we could just return it, I suppose).

Our supplies:
Paint supplies
Jeremy noticed that the chalkboard paint said to use a foam brush or roller for the paint. I didn’t want to spend any more money on this project because I am CHEAP and was relieved that I had some foam brushes from a previous project.

The oil drip pan:
Oil drip pan (before paint)
For size context, the oil drip pan is sitting in front of my washer and dryer. This thing is huge. We had to wipe it down a few times to get rid of the light greasy coating.

After 1 coat of chalkboard paint:
Chalkboard paint (1st coat)

I’m happy that I read Jen’s blog and she noted that she had to do 4 coats. If I hadn’t, I probably would have been really worried about the outcome of the project. So take comfort in knowing that the first coat will be incredibly streaky. It will take you about 4 coats to get a thick and even looking finish.

The final product:
Magnetic chalkboard

I didn’t feel like snapping a photo with the “good camera” and then uploading it. This photo was taken with my phone.

We adhered the pan to the wall using velcro.

See the strange lines of chalk on the pan? I was trying to show Annmarie how to use chalk.  Those are Annmarie’s works of art.   She seemed like she really understood chalk at first but every subsequent attempt to draw on the board was ruined by her trying to eat the chalk.

We used to keep a pack & play with a changing table in this spot but since we didn’t really need the giant pack & play (it was eating up precious real estate in our house), we thought we could use this space as a nice little play area in our dining room/living room. Although who are we kidding. The entire house is Annmarie’s play area.



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4 responses to “Pinteractive: Magnetic Chalkboard

  1. This is awesome! I am definitely going to add this to my project list.
    We have a “honey do” list on a big chalkboard in our kitchen, but it is just propped agains the wall. I love that this one is magnetic so I have a spot for bills, notes, etc. My husband will be thrilled 🙂

    P.S. did you get your earrings yet? You should any day!

  2. that looks great! and i love all her magnets 🙂

  3. Super cute! I’d seen similar projects on Pinterest, and wanted to give them a try.

    That being said, the thought of AM trying eating chalk is giving me the willies. Seriously, it’s freaking me out.

  4. I love it! What a good idea. And way to keep up with your pinteresting.

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