She Loves Food: An Update on AM

This post is all about Annmarie. You’ve been warned. If you don’t care about her developmental progress, feel free to close the browser. I promise it won’t hurt my feelings. This really is for the handful of people that don’t get to see Annmarie and maybe want to know how she’s doing.

Babbling brook

Annmarie really is a babbler. While the things she says sound like “mama” and “dada” and “yaya” and whatever – I really don’t think she is attributing any of that to any particular thing. It seems like she calls me and Jeremy “mama” and “dada” both but she also seems to refer to the dogs the same way… and anything else for that matter.

I’ve been told that her cousin who is 2 weeks older is already saying “ball” and “dog” (and apparently is using them correctly).

The other child at daycare who is the SAME EXACT AGE is saying “bye bye”.

I know you’re not supposed to compare but it is hard not to sometimes. The only thing she consistently says is “yeah?” She points or motions towards something and says, “yeah?” This means she wants whatever she’s pointing to (and it is the cutest thing ever thankyouverymuch… unless she KEEPS DOING IT and you have no idea what she’s pointing towards OR she’s constantly pointing towards a bunch of sharp knives).

Recently she has started to do something new when you try to hand her what you think she is motioning towards and it isn’t what she wants:

It cracks me up. Her throwing her face away from the object seems sort of dramatic. I love it. The video was short because she never seems to do stuff on camera. And I knew if I kept pushing my luck with her turning her head, she’d start screaming or slapping the object away (another sometimes funny thing I think she does).

Lately, Jeremy and I have been loudly pronouncing the name of the object we’re handing her. “You want the BALL? THE BALL? You want the BALL?” Sometimes I feel like we treat her like one of the dogs.


I’ve admitted that I’m still breastfeeding (twice a day) previously and am now admitting that I am STILL doing it. Although I think I’m going to cut out the first morning session. I think by continuing to breastfeed, it’ll make it more difficult to get her away from her bottles and pacifier. But I don’t know if that’s true. Her pediatrician told us we needed to start weaning her off of the bottle but that we didn’t need to wean her from her pacifier until around 18 months (because we’d be taking away other comforts like a bottle and my boobs between 12 – 18 months).

I’ve noticed that she is starting to drink her milk from sippy cups. Granted, we only give her some milk in sippy cups when we want to tide her over quickly but this seems to be some steps in the right direction since previously she would take a sip from her sippy cup and if milk was in there, she’d throw the cup across the room.

Hungry Hippo

Our daycare provider said it best, “She loves food.” Seriously. This girl has an appetite like no other. I honestly wonder how she is able to fit this food into her body. That video posted above? That is the scene every day I pick her up from daycare. As soon as we get in the house, she toddles into the kitchen and starts saying, “yeah?”

Anytime you eat something, she walks over with her mouth wide open. Jeremy and I sometimes take turns eating meals so that one of us can distract her while the other one scarfs down their food. I worry that we’ve formed some bad habits in that we will always give her a piece of whatever we’re eating (and this leads me back to how I sometimes feel like we’ve turned her into one of the dogs begging for food).

She’s reached a point where she prefers to feed herself (although not with any sort of utensil). She’ll allow being spoon fed yogurt but if it is a finger-type food, she won’t take it if you try to put it directly in her mouth. This has actually made my life somewhat easier in the evenings because I’m able to put her in her high chair, place her dinner (noodles or cut up pieces of something) onto her tray, and wash her bottles, food containers, etc.

5pm (dinnertime) - Day 6
I’m not sure how to introduce utensils. She likes to put spoons in her mouth but with nothing on them.

And just because…

This picture makes me laugh.
Like father like daughter



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4 responses to “She Loves Food: An Update on AM

  1. Eff! I just had a lengthy comment that was totally lost 😦

    In short – AM is stinkin’ adorable, she and Meeka seem cut from the same cloth, and I may be emailing you for some parenting advice about what’s worked for you since the two of them seem so similar 😉

  2. I love this! And Em was enamored with the video. “Mommy! Who’s that? I want to play with her!”

    Also, I hear ya about it being hard not to compare. So much easier said than done.

  3. My son is two and has yet to really talk. We get ma, dad, car, cracker… thankfully no “No!” yet haha! I know he’s behind and it sucks to compare but it’s in our nature I guess.

    I LOVE the video, that is too cute 🙂

    We introduced the fork by putting food on his tray/plate and pre-loading it in hopes he might bring it to his mouth..sometimes he’d just pull the food off, but he eventually got it. The spoon on the other hand… that gets rotated as it is brought to the mouth (doesn’t work out very well!) Needless to say, he hates getting fed something (other than yogurt or our ice cream/frozen yogurt)

  4. monsterawr

    Aaaaahaha! They have matching mohawks! I love it!

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