Pinteractive: DIY Moss Letter

We recently installed a new media unit in our living room. The purpose of this new (and massive) media unit was to hide our shoe and coat storage (from a certain mobile toddler), add more hidden storage of AM’s toys and to store our miscellaneous things (so that our dining room table was no longer being used as a resting place for random junk).

Here was our original media unit (it was just a TV stand). We lived with this for nearly 7 years. The pictures behind the TV had been up for nearly 5 years. We clearly don’t change our decor very often.

Tv stand before

With the new media unit, we no longer needed to hang the 4 pictures and large mirror (since the media unit would be covering them). As we started to take down the frames and mirror, we saw that the mirror was hanging on an anchored screw.

And wouldn’t you know… the anchored screw sat above the new media unit. We didn’t want to deal with removing it, spackling over it and repainting.
empty space
(Please ignore the fact that I’m watching a terrible and not very funny TV show)

So I took to Pinterest.

I was inspired by the idea of hanging a large moss letter.

I didn’t want to hang another picture here. I wanted something that looked a little cleaner.

I purchased a wooden letter “M” (M is for Marvelous! or my last name. whatever.) from Joann Fabric using a 40% off coupon. I think this letter only ended up costing like $3.50?
wood M

I purchased this moss table runner from Michael’s with a 40% off coupon. This ended up costing around $8. I went with the table runner because it seemed to contain more moss than the bags with loose moss.
moss runner

Because the moss runner was all attached to some mesh, I chose to wrap the wooden letter like a present (with the courtesy of a hot glue gun). I also realized, while wrapping, that it would be a good idea to affix some wire to the letter (and underneath the moss) for hanging.

hanging wire

More wrapping:
wrapping the M

The front:
front of M

The back:
back of M

The result:
finished product

I realized, as I was packing away the leftover moss, that I was a total idiot that didn’t realize that the moss runner was folded in half. If you notice in the pictures above, there is moss on both sides as I’m wrapping the letter. That is due to the fact that I never unfolded the moss runner. It was kind of difficult to wrap the letter. The only reason this worked out was because the letter didn’t have any curves.  So… yes, I’m a bit of an idiot sometimes.

I’m not sure how I feel about the letter. Jeremy likes that it is simple and “clean” looking.  I think it looks lonely.



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5 responses to “Pinteractive: DIY Moss Letter

  1. I can totally see myself doing that with the unwrapping thing! 🙂

  2. kristin

    i like it a lot. but i think it looks lonely, too.

  3. LOVE THIS! I want to do make one for the collection of initials in Em’s room, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Yours is great!

  4. Cute! I feel like I should know your last name by now, but I don’t think I do. Weird, it seems like we’re old friends and yet we’ve never met and I don’t even know your full name!

  5. monsterawr

    Super cute. I can see why you think it looks lonely, though. Maybe some friends?

    Also? I’m not going to lie, when you talked about Pinterest and moss letters, I totally thought you meant that you did that thing where you mix buttermilk and moss seeds in a spray bottle and make moss graffiti. And then I saw that you were in your living room and my brain went, “Holy shit, that’s going to be the most badass living room EVER!” But your thing is totally cute, too.

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