Baby Picture Post

Isn’t this ridiculously warm and sunny weather glorious? And isn’t this ridiculous pollen awful? I washed my car on Friday (and if you know me, you know that I never wash my car) because I couldn’t stand the pollen and weird tree sap that was all over my car. 3 days later and my car is covered in pollen again. And this is why I never bother washing my car. What’s the point?

As I struggle to keep my eyes open (allergies = incredibly dry eyes), I’m just going to make this an Annmarie-centric post. Sorry to people that don’t care. But to my friends, at least I’m not one of those parents from STFU, parents that posts 100 status updates all about my baby. Or at least I’m trying not to be. I think that is my goal – never to be like one of the parents featured on STFU, parents (unless I’m getting a gold star for being awesome).


I bring you cell phone pictures! I really feel like parent of year. We used to be super into taking photos but I just don’t have it in me sometimes to pull out the DSLR then upload, edit, and organize pictures.

Playing with the zhu zhu pet
AM goes back and forth with being afraid of or into this zhu zhu pet. I think she’s afraid of it because it moves independently on its own (so I guess maybe she thinks it is real?). I try to hold and and the zhu zhu pet to show her that it is harmless. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

Waiting on dad
AM enjoys standing by the front door and watching all of the action outside. We do this around the time Jeremy gets home.

Piling toys by the front door
She decided that she was bored just waiting so she went back and forth to her toy box to bring toys into the doorway.

Trying to escape the stroller
And like so many people, we tried to enjoy the great outdoors this weekend. We stopped into Children’s Place on Sunday so I could exchange something. Jeremy put these sunglasses on AM’s face and she kept them on for a long time in the store. This was kind of shocking since she hates wearing things on her face and head. I, of course, had to buy these sunglasses.

And of course, she wouldn’t keep these on her face at the park. She also went back and forth with wanting to stay in the stroller.

And lastly, it seems AM gets the concept of eating with utensils. She certainly did not learn how to use a fork from me. I just handed it to her so she could play with it. I was shocked when she actually started to use it properly. I guess daycare has been teaching her? Or AM’s a genius. Either or.

Confession: Sometimes I feel like a bad parent. Here are some shining examples:

Example 1: My daughter bites and hits other kids. I feel like it is somehow my fault. Someone had asked me if I thought it was because she was in daycare. I wasn’t sure how to answer that. I certainly don’t encourage her to bite and hit. I don’t bite or hit Jeremy. And since that comment, I have found myself overly apologetic every time she hits someone.

Example 2: I just happened to notice some new teeth in AM (upper molar and upper canine). She had been waking up at off times and acting a little clingy. I feel bad that I didn’t realize that she was in pain/discomfort.

Example 3: One of the daycare moms was very proud of the fact that she got the provider to keep the TV turned off. I never thought it was that big of a deal (especially since every time I picked up AM, they were all playing outside). But the fact that I wasn’t vigilant about it (or concerned about it) makes me feel bad. Although Jeremy said (and I couldn’t agree more) that all he really cared about was that she was in a place where she was being loved and cared for.

Example 4: I never finished AM’s “1st year” baby book. I can’t even remember the developmental milestone dates anymore.

Example 5: We’ve been trying to keep up “monthly” pictures (similar to our weekly pictures) but keep missing the boat on taking them. her 13 month pic was more like a “13 1/2 month pic”.

Example 6: For those of you wondering if we’ll ever let AM try meat? She ate some dog food over the weekend. No, we didn’t feed it to her. She’s incredibly fast and our dogs are now incredibly slow at eating their food. We usually try to keep AM out of the kitchen when the dogs are eating (because she usually terrorizes them) but didn’t at this particular time. She then picked up a piece of mushy dog food and put it in her mouth. She’s had meat. She didn’t like it. And while I feel a little bad about her eating a piece of dog food, I was more amused by it than anything. So yes, we are parents of the year.

Got any confessions or examples of bad parenting you want to share?



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4 responses to “Baby Picture Post

  1. haha, LOVE the AM-centric post! and I’m also one of those daycare mom’s whos pretty blase about how things are run – my husband’s go-to line is similar to Jeremy’s as he says “as long as she’s in one piece and still smiles at us (usually) at the end of the day, it’s fine” … And actually, after talking with another daycare mom who IS the one who pushes things there, what I found is that they totally treat the parents/families (not so much the kids) differently based on this, and that they generally like us and let us get away with more, while they push back with her (like, Meeka will have a particularly fussy day and they’ll tell us, but be OK with it – her daughter? they call, tell her she needs to be picked up and brought to the doctor) – so there’s something to be said for the laid-back approach!

    bad mommy confession: meeka loves to “eat” the soap bubbles in the tub. And I let her…

  2. monsterawr

    But if they don’t get to watch tv once in a while, how will they get to watch Sesame Street? And if they don’t watch Sesame Street, how will they learn to share and count to 10 in Spanish? THAT’s what’s wrong with kids today, not enough Sesame Street.

  3. kristin

    Dog food, hilarious. You were so great about doing the weeklies. I just took Reid’s 11 month pic last week, and he’ll be one on saturday. Guess I should hold off on his 1 year picture for a few weeks to even things out? I agree that your daycare provider probably appreciates the parents who trust them to do their job and don’t pick apart how they run things.
    Confession: Sometimes if I don’t feel like making anything for dinner, he gets a veggie pouch and puffs. Not the most substantial, but easy.

  4. We want to be together as a family in the evening, but there’s pretty much nothing on television that is appropriate for kids, so we end up watching Nick and Disney all the frickin’ time. And when we want to watch something else, all hell breaks loose.

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