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A Mish-Mash of Thoughts

This blog post is going to be a little all over the place.  I think this is what happens when I don’t blog often but then have so many little things I want to write about that it ends up just being a brain dump.

I’ve been feeling under the weather this past week and right now my back is in a delicate state of “going out” (and if you’ve ever had back issues, you know what I’m talking about).  I’ve been a bundle of joy today.

I finished reading the Hunger Games series last week.  And now I need something new to read.  I’ve also been all up on the web trying to catch some scoop on who will be cast as Finnick Odair.  And as I type that, I feel incredibly sad that I’ve turned into the person I don’t like.  I am a very grown person that is VERY into a young adult book and am drooling over movie news.  God help me.  I’m not the only person as I’ve been able to find lots of blog posts dedicated to the Finnick Odair casting.  I just want to write… the character is supposed to be 25.  Therefore he is not only OLDER than Katniss and Peeta, but he needs to look it!  Fans are suggesting tons of actors that are the same age (and look it) as Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson.  And it, sadly, makes me really mad.  If the movie studio f’s this up, I will be pissed!  (and again, I can’t believe I’ve turned into that person…)

My brother (a 45 year old zombie loving swinging bachelor) highly recommended that I read another young adult series called The Enemy.  It is about zombies!  He said people who like The Hunger Games love this series.  It is much gorier and overall bad-asser that HG.

I really thought I’d quite young adult books after The Hunger Games but I tried reading an adult book and just couldn’t get through 2 pages of it.  I think my brain has officially been fried from having a baby (and subsequently raising said baby while working… my brain can only withstand so much thinking at this point).

And speaking of zombies

Did you guys read about that attack in Miami over the weekend?!  They’re dubbing this a “zombie attack” but… wtf?!   I was obsessed with this story yesterday.  And that is awful.  We now live in a world where someone might just attack another person on the side of the road and eat their face.  I can now add “being attacked by a drugged out lunatic and having them eat my face” to my list of things of which I am terrified.  Great.

And is it absolutely nuts that I now worry about AM?  As though at any moment, some crazy dude is going to eat her face.  But now it is another thing I’ll worry about (just like her getting abducted, contracting a deadly virus, getting a terminal illness, etc.)  This is how my brain works, people.  I fear everything.

But onto happier news…

Did you all see that over the top marriage proposal (where the guy choreographed a large lip-syncing crowd to Bruno Mars’ “Marry You”)?  I normally hate these sorts of things (flash mobs are sooooooo last year).  But I watched it today and omg… tears.  I shamefully teared up over this ridiculous proposal because my first thought was, “I hope someone loves Annmarie so much that they want to do an over the top proposal for her”.  Gah!   And as much as I stopped liking Glee but can’t seem to stop watching the show, my heart warmed over when Kurt’s dad danced to “Single Ladies”.  Did you see it?  Don’t tell me that the little string in your heart wasn’t tugged just a little bit.
Screen shot of Kurt's Dad dancing to "Single Ladies"
So becoming a mom has made me more sentimental and paranoid.

And lastly – Jeremy and I are looking to move.  I’ve been living in Baltimore City for 9 years and while I love it, I really really want a bigger house with a yard.  So the idea of moving has put me into a crazed state of mind (hence this kind of wonky post) but that’s a topic for another day.

What’s new with you?


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Our Trip to Napa: We Did Everything Wrong

We experienced a few new things as a family last week:

  1. I stopped nursing completely. This wasn’t difficult and I wasn’t as sad as I expected. If anything, I’m not worried about how I’ll ever clip AM’s nails ever again (I always did it when she was nursing because she would sit still!).
  2. I spent a night (actually 5) away from Annmarie. I had never done that before. I only cried twice the day that I was leaving.
  3. Jeremy and I vacationed together without Annmarie. And while I missed her terribly, I also felt guilty about enjoying myself. Oh mommy guilt.

An opportunity arose at work that involved traveling to Napa, California for a work conference. I didn’t think my manager would approve my going but the conference asked me to be a panelist in a discussion. My manager saw it as a good opportunity so off I went!

We only really had 2 1/2 days to explore Napa (I spent 2 days at the conference and we had an early morning flight on Sunday).

sadly – I felt pretty sick most of the trip so we didn’t do too much but here are some grainy cell phone pictures! I took pictures with our point and click but I rarely pull photos off of that camera (because I can never seem to find the cord). We had some weekly pictures of Annmarie on there from when she turned 1… and that was a few months ago.


Jeremy and I ate at Kitchen Door twice because it was within walking distance of the hotel and they had some lighter, veg-friendly fare. Jeremy saw a menu item called “Mexi-coke” and ordered it. I expected something more interesting and was disappointed that it was just coke. Apparently it doesn’t have high fructose corn syrup, it uses cane juice.
A "mexi-coke"

Jeremy was pretty pooped from traveling so we kept it low key the first night he arrived. We went and saw The Avengers. yes, we went to the movies while we were in Napa, California. Obviously we were doing it all wrong.

We grabbed breakfast at The Model Bakery (on both mornings). Their veggie sandwich (a fried egg with avocado and other delightful items) was delicious.

Then we went to Frog’s Leap winery.

Wine tasting at Frog's Leap

Frog's Leap vineyard

Wine at Frog's Leap

We broke for lunch (although we kind of winged it so it blew up in our faces. The nearby restaurant was crowded and the wait was too long. We had a wine tour within an hour and couldn’t risk it. We drove down to a Dean & Deluca’s but the lines for sandwiches were super long too! Luckily we picked up a baguette from the bakery so we just bought some cheese and called it lunch.

Our next stop was Robert Sinskey Vineyards where I failed to take ANY pictures. We did some cave tour and were the ONLY people on the tour. The woman was super nice and informative. Jeremy had a lot of questions about wine making. All I could think was, “I am so hungry.” A baguette with cheese wasn’t cutting it for me.

We were pretty beat from the day so we didn’t do much that night expect… see a movie. We’re so lame. We saw “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” (mostly because there wasn’t much else in the theater). It was okay.

On our last full day in Napa, we checked out Paraduxx.

Wine tasting at Paraduxx
Wine tasting at Paraduxx

We enjoyed this place the most, probably. They had little information cards with each of their wines. We prefered this over listening to a person discuss, at length, all of the wines we’re about to taste. Sometimes it is just too much information all at once. I felt like Paraduxx offered a slower paced tasting experience.

But after this place, we both decided we didn’t really feel like going to another winery! Again, I realize we are super lame. Instead we just drove around Napa. We stumbled across the Napa State Park and decided to check it out. Since this was an unplanned trip, my attire of a maxi dress with sandals wasn’t appropriate but we still decided to go on the nature hike anyways.
Poor choice in footware for hiking

Napa State Park
Napa State Park

We also got milkshakes from Gott’s Roadside. Again, we were in Napa and we had milkshakes. We really did everything wrong here.

We nearly missed out flight home (I’ve never experienced running through a terminal to catch a flight before!). I was happy to see Annmarie. I ridiculously worried that she would have forgotten me since it had been nearly a week. I know it is silly but I worried that she’d run to Jeremy and not me. I’m happy to report she came to me! Yippee!

Taken any vacations lately?


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My Mother’s Day

Som of you may remember my bitchy disappointment in last year’s Mother’s Day.  I think, to be fair, I was dealing with quite a few emotions (hormones induced and related with the sadness of having to return to work the next day).  I had som high expectations since it was my first holiday and this wasn’t fair to Jeremy.

Well, he definitely made up for it this year.  He gave me the greatest gift of all… SLEEP.  He told me the night before that he didn’t want me to get out of bed at all because he would take care of all the morning stuff.  I slept until 8am!  I realize this isn’t that late for most people but Annmarie gets up EVERYDAY between 5-6am.  8am was a luxury.

He also gave me a beautiful pair of diamond earrings (he actually gave it to me the day he found out he passed the bar – it was a combination “thank you for all of your support” and “happy Mother’s day”).

He tried to help Annmarie create some artwork but she wasn’t cooperating apparently.  I forgot to take a picture but it was his hand traced (she wouldn’t sit sill to have her hand traced) with a few marker scribbles on paper.

He made me breakfast (waffles with fresh fruit) and then we went on a family bike ride.  We hadn’t ridden our bikes in 3 years!  And it was a major pain in the house to get everything together and out the door.


It was surprisingly hot that day so I didn’t last long (I was also worried about Annmarie in the heat).

All in all it was a great day.

We also stopped by my parents house where my mom told me she was feeling sick and then showed me her disgusting tongue.  I told hr she needed to see a doctor to which she replied, “I don’t trust doctors.  I’ll take care of myself!”.   She drives me crazy.  My dad also seems to be declining in health.  He now walks with a cane and is apparently down to 132 lbs (he’s 6’3″).

Whoa- I didn’t mean to detour into such a downer topic.  I hope you all had a nice Mother’s Day!  I’ll end this post with a video of Annmarie.  One her new favorite words is “doggy”.  I melts my heart every time she says it.  She points to our dogs and yells it.  She apparently does it if she hears a neighbor’s dog bark (at our house and at daycare).

She also “barks”:


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Pinteractive: Maxi Skirt

Hey there – it has been awhile since I’ve gotten “pinteractive”.  I was on a roll for awhile but then totally dropped the ball.

I’m not particularly proud of this project.  I initially set out to sew my own maxi skirt (after pinning this seemingly easy tutorial) because I figured it might have ended up being pretty cost effective and I could ensure a proper length.  Being on the tall side (I’m 5’8″ so I’m not a giant but you’d think I was in some stores), I have a hard time with inseams and skirt length.  However, after seeing SO MANY inexpensive maxi skirts – I realized that this was not cost effective.

Anyways.  My biggest lesson learned here is that sewing with jersey knit is HARD.  The fabric is so stretchy and sort of heavy that it isn’t easy to sew a straight line.  I also learned that I really need to read tutorials more carefully.  I hadn’t bothered to ensure that I bought the appropriate amount of fabric.  So I bought a lot of black jersey knit fabric… but just not enough for a maxi skirt.  So I had to go back but this time I could only find enough in the purple jersey knit.

Basically I spent an ass load of money on fabric for what I thought would be a cost effective project.

I didn’t snap pictures along the way because I spent so much time getting frustrated.
Cutting out fabric

The other pain in the ass?  I don’t have a large enough cutting board.  And since this fabric isn’t stiff, I had a really hard time cutting it out.

Some things I gave up because I was so frustrated with this project was hemming anything.  I still haven’t cut the skirt to the appropriate length yet but here’s the almost final project:

diy maxi skirt
I definitely need to get a few more sewing projects under my belt (with cotton fabric!) before I attempt another jersey knit.



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Fitness & Fashion Friday

I recently went on a colored denim bender. I had heard that The Loft was having a sale (40% off of EVERYTHING in the store) so I went to check it out. I work within walking distance of a mall. This is something that is both good and bad. It is usually bad.

I struck gold at this store with colored denim. Granted, I originally want full length colored denim pants but couldn’t pass up the great deal on these cropped pants.

A photo of my green cropped jeans from The Loft

I bought them in green, “caribbean” blue and pink. And now I want to go out and buy lavender jeans. I’m going to get the whole rainbow, I tell ya.

I’m currently in fashion identity limbo. I go back and forth between loving trends but then preferring basics and comfort above all else. Part of my problem is that my body has changed. Apparently having a baby does that to you. Who would’ve thought?

While I dropped the pregnancy weight and then some really quickly, since I’m not really breastfeeding anymore (thereby reaping the benefits of the calorie burn) – weight has been creeping back on. It isn’t anything extreme but let’s just say I’m not the skinny minny that I was 3 months post partum. And now weight seems to be settling in my midsection. I’ve got the mom pouch.

Even worse? A year of breastfeeding has left my already small boobs as even tinier sad things. If you’re following that means smaller boobs and a bigger waistline. Awesome.

So that brings me to fitness

I still run 3 times a week. I have spent the last few months working my way up to run longer distances. 2 weeks ago I completed my first 10k post-baby. I wasn’t pleased with my finish time (I averaged a 10:16 min/mile) but was glad that I was able to run the entire course without stopping (except for water).

I completed a 6k last week and was much happier with my time (9:30 min/mile).

So while I’ve conquered some distances (I’m happy just running 6 at the moment), I really need to work on getting faster again. I don’t think that having a baby messed up my pace though. I think training for that marathon 2 1/2 years ago messed up my pace. I’m so used to just starting off slow to “save energy” for the distance that I’m not accustomed to pushing myself. I do this on the treadmill too.

I’m also currently dealing with some killer shin splints.

Jeremy and I were doing well with p90x but can only really do it when Annmarie is asleep. So it is hit or miss when we complete it. If she wakes up early (thereby eliminating the possibility of us working out in the morning), we try to workout in the evening.

But I’m still only doing cardio 3 times a week. I feel like I need to increase my cardio but I don’t know when I’ll have the time! Granted, my clothes are still fitting but I feel like I’m seeing some muffin top that I’m not happy with.

So – are you a parent? How do you squeeze in meaningful workouts?

Btw – I recognize that I could change my diet a bit, and I have started to cut down on the amount of snacking I do throughout the day. I got very used to my nonstop eating during my breastfeeding months and since I am no longer reaping the breastfeeding benefits… I need to stop the nonstop snacking.


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Having a Shitty Time

One of the downsides of cloth diapering is dealing with certain types of poop. While most of Annmarie’s bowel movements are “solid” and easily flushable, there are times when the poop is not that cooperative.

I found myself on Monday night handwashing poop out of Annmarie’s diapers. The diaper sprayer wasn’t doing an effective job. I literally had my hands in her shit and was washing/scraping out the poopy bits in the toilet (because I can’t put it in the washing machine like that).

If that doesn’t define a mother’s love, I don’t know what does. And I sort of feel like I need to call my mom to tell her I love her.

You can say the same thing about pets. Due to the heavy rain, my dogs would not do their business outdoors. This means I came home to poop in their kennel. After scrubbing out the poop and bathing the dogs, I found myself handwashing poop out of Annmarie’s diapers again.

So there. My life has been shit for the past couple of days.

And yet despite all of this – I want another baby. Annmarie certainly keeps me on my toes and she is definitely starting to push the boundaries of her independence… but I look back on pictures of her as a newborn and get weepy. I hear of new pregnancies and my body aches a little bit. I think of my current situation as my parents’ future sole caregiver (since I’m pretty much an only child) and feel sad that I don’t have a sibling.

Guys, to quote Marisa Tomei…

my biological clock is ticking like this (imagine me stomping my foot).

If you’re wondering where this is coming from – this has been brewing for awhile but one of my favorite bloggers (whose son is a month and a half older than Annmarie) just announced her pregnancy. I’m trying not to get crazy emotional (just ask Jeremy about the first experience of trying to get pregnant – lots of hysteria on my part) but it isn’t getting any easier. I’m also staring down the age of 32. I know that isn’t ancient but once you cross 35, you get placed in a different maternal health category (i.e. you are considered a higher risk patient due to your age. ouch.)

I wish I had something more upbeat to write about but this has been eating away at me for awhile. I can’t not share this part of me because I really have nothing else to write about (outside of Annmarie stuff but I don’t want to bore everyone with just AM updates).

I’ll end this with pictures of Annmarie!

Hanging in the kennel
Annmarie enjoys going in the dogs’ kennel and hanging out. She usually shuts the door to the gate and sits in there for a few minutes. I think the dogs sometimes worry that she’s taking over their special space.

Fountain at Patterson Park
Walking with dad in the park

Petie waits for food

One of her new things that she’s been doing is grabbing my hand and pulling me to where she wants to go. If I’m sitting on the couch or the floor, she’ll grab my hand and tug until I get up. Then she’ll walk over to wherever (usually the kitchen for food).

What’s been on your mind lately?


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