Pinteractive: Maxi Skirt

Hey there – it has been awhile since I’ve gotten “pinteractive”.  I was on a roll for awhile but then totally dropped the ball.

I’m not particularly proud of this project.  I initially set out to sew my own maxi skirt (after pinning this seemingly easy tutorial) because I figured it might have ended up being pretty cost effective and I could ensure a proper length.  Being on the tall side (I’m 5’8″ so I’m not a giant but you’d think I was in some stores), I have a hard time with inseams and skirt length.  However, after seeing SO MANY inexpensive maxi skirts – I realized that this was not cost effective.

Anyways.  My biggest lesson learned here is that sewing with jersey knit is HARD.  The fabric is so stretchy and sort of heavy that it isn’t easy to sew a straight line.  I also learned that I really need to read tutorials more carefully.  I hadn’t bothered to ensure that I bought the appropriate amount of fabric.  So I bought a lot of black jersey knit fabric… but just not enough for a maxi skirt.  So I had to go back but this time I could only find enough in the purple jersey knit.

Basically I spent an ass load of money on fabric for what I thought would be a cost effective project.

I didn’t snap pictures along the way because I spent so much time getting frustrated.
Cutting out fabric

The other pain in the ass?  I don’t have a large enough cutting board.  And since this fabric isn’t stiff, I had a really hard time cutting it out.

Some things I gave up because I was so frustrated with this project was hemming anything.  I still haven’t cut the skirt to the appropriate length yet but here’s the almost final project:

diy maxi skirt
I definitely need to get a few more sewing projects under my belt (with cotton fabric!) before I attempt another jersey knit.



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3 responses to “Pinteractive: Maxi Skirt

  1. haha, I’m hoping to do a similar project this weekend! except i hope mine *is* cost-effective, since instead of buying fabric, i’ll be re-purposing two old t-shirts 😉

  2. monsterawr

    The cost thing is something I ran into when I started crocheting. I’m all like, “I’ll be able to have totally cute stuff that I make for nothing because I made it myself!” but then I go yarn shopping and just the yarn is more expensive than buying the damn hat in the first place!

    In other news, I kinda love your bedspread. Super chic!

  3. CAG

    CUTE SKIRT!! Don’t get down on yourself…you did an awesome job.

    As far as a cutting board is concerned, you can take the bootleg route like me and buy a large piece of matte or foam board for about $10 or less! Trust does the trick and it’s easy to store.

    And no need to wet fabric. I’m sure u can make some cool DIY jewelry or something out of the scraps.

    I cant wait to see your next project!

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