A Mish-Mash of Thoughts

This blog post is going to be a little all over the place.  I think this is what happens when I don’t blog often but then have so many little things I want to write about that it ends up just being a brain dump.

I’ve been feeling under the weather this past week and right now my back is in a delicate state of “going out” (and if you’ve ever had back issues, you know what I’m talking about).  I’ve been a bundle of joy today.

I finished reading the Hunger Games series last week.  And now I need something new to read.  I’ve also been all up on the web trying to catch some scoop on who will be cast as Finnick Odair.  And as I type that, I feel incredibly sad that I’ve turned into the person I don’t like.  I am a very grown person that is VERY into a young adult book and am drooling over movie news.  God help me.  I’m not the only person as I’ve been able to find lots of blog posts dedicated to the Finnick Odair casting.  I just want to write… the character is supposed to be 25.  Therefore he is not only OLDER than Katniss and Peeta, but he needs to look it!  Fans are suggesting tons of actors that are the same age (and look it) as Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson.  And it, sadly, makes me really mad.  If the movie studio f’s this up, I will be pissed!  (and again, I can’t believe I’ve turned into that person…)

My brother (a 45 year old zombie loving swinging bachelor) highly recommended that I read another young adult series called The Enemy.  It is about zombies!  He said people who like The Hunger Games love this series.  It is much gorier and overall bad-asser that HG.

I really thought I’d quite young adult books after The Hunger Games but I tried reading an adult book and just couldn’t get through 2 pages of it.  I think my brain has officially been fried from having a baby (and subsequently raising said baby while working… my brain can only withstand so much thinking at this point).

And speaking of zombies

Did you guys read about that attack in Miami over the weekend?!  They’re dubbing this a “zombie attack” but… wtf?!   I was obsessed with this story yesterday.  And that is awful.  We now live in a world where someone might just attack another person on the side of the road and eat their face.  I can now add “being attacked by a drugged out lunatic and having them eat my face” to my list of things of which I am terrified.  Great.

And is it absolutely nuts that I now worry about AM?  As though at any moment, some crazy dude is going to eat her face.  But now it is another thing I’ll worry about (just like her getting abducted, contracting a deadly virus, getting a terminal illness, etc.)  This is how my brain works, people.  I fear everything.

But onto happier news…

Did you all see that over the top marriage proposal (where the guy choreographed a large lip-syncing crowd to Bruno Mars’ “Marry You”)?  I normally hate these sorts of things (flash mobs are sooooooo last year).  But I watched it today and omg… tears.  I shamefully teared up over this ridiculous proposal because my first thought was, “I hope someone loves Annmarie so much that they want to do an over the top proposal for her”.  Gah!   And as much as I stopped liking Glee but can’t seem to stop watching the show, my heart warmed over when Kurt’s dad danced to “Single Ladies”.  Did you see it?  Don’t tell me that the little string in your heart wasn’t tugged just a little bit.
Screen shot of Kurt's Dad dancing to "Single Ladies"
So becoming a mom has made me more sentimental and paranoid.

And lastly – Jeremy and I are looking to move.  I’ve been living in Baltimore City for 9 years and while I love it, I really really want a bigger house with a yard.  So the idea of moving has put me into a crazed state of mind (hence this kind of wonky post) but that’s a topic for another day.

What’s new with you?



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5 responses to “A Mish-Mash of Thoughts

  1. I’m totally with you on the fried-brain YA-lit-reading train… About all I can handle these days…

    And OMG the zombie-face thing! That’s about all I can say, because, um, ZOMBIE FACE THING, WTF?!?!

  2. I loved Kurt’s Dad’s graduation gift! I haven’t watched that proposal video yet, but I’m going to right now.

    And finally… face eating! We live in a world where faces are eaten. I’m scared for my future children.

  3. Hi, says the girl who reads PerezHilton on a daily basis and can spend hours playing Plants v Zombies while watching Rocco’s Modern Life on Netflix when she has a stack of books yet unread and a blog collecting dust.

  4. kristin

    i haven’t watched the portland video yet, but there’s another flash mob proposal w/the same song that i like, google jamin’s downtown disney flash mob proposal. that one’s cute, too.
    try The Passage, I’m reading it now, it’s vampires instead of zombies, but it’s getting pretty good so far. believe there’s a second book coming soon and i think The Passage is going to be made into a movie so you’ll have that madness to follow up with and look forward to.

  5. jillianmckee


    I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could email me?


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