I Can’t Think of a Good Title for this Post

There is so much going on in the Charm City household these days. I really think that there should be some sort of manual that gets handed to you when you lose a close family member. This manual really needs to outline everything you need to do. Navigating these waters hasn’t been easy and it is made all the more difficult with a mother that went from being COMPLETELY (and I really do mean completely) dependent on someone and then losing that someone.

So we’ve had to make a lot of difficult and life changing decisions. I’m not happy with these decisions but I’ve been assured that I’ll be greeted with open arms and some sort of trophy at the pearly gates.

And so that this blog doesn’t become the death blog or the pregnancy blog or even the mom blog completely, I’ll write about something else.

(and I promise I won’t be writing about chicken sandwiches)

I had a conversation with Jeremy the other day about a very controversial boycott/support of a fast food chain. Just for clarification, Jeremy and I are absolutely on the same side when it comes to the core of the controversy. Equal rights!

BUT… the real conversation was around boycotting. Jeremy didn’t really see how it made an impact. I have some friends that, if a particular company does something disagreeable, will no longer patronize the business. Jeremy thinks it seems futile (because how much are some of us really spending at some of these businesses). Maybe he’s right. Maybe not.

For me, I think spending your money is like a form of voting. Whatever you purchase is like you saying, “Yes, I support this.” This is why our grocery bills are so ridiculously high. I am the annoying person that will by organic whenever possible because I feel this is my tiny way of saying to the food market that I want organic food (so please keep stocking it).

I do this with a lot of my purchases. Granted, not every purchase I make is because I’m making some big stand (I buy plenty of crap from companies that I may not know 100% about) but I try to make a conscious effort to invest in things I believe in or support.

And the other day as I was watching Sesame Street, I came to realize just how wonderful Sesame Street is in showing diversity. As a person of mixed ethnicity, I am incredibly sensitive to how Asians are portrayed in the media (if they even get to be seen at all – we’re seriously underrepresented). Sesame Street is amazing at showing people of different ethnicities. There was an episode on “family” in the Elmo’s World segment and it showed various cultural families, single-parent families and same-sex parent families. And because of this, I will 100% support Sesame Street. I will buy their crap. Why? Because it is my way of saying to the children’s television market that I want to see more shows like this.

(I also just love puppets… but not in the creepy way in which it is coming across as I type this)

So while my efforts may be futile, I take comfort in knowing that I am at least investing in things I can support (because I recognize not everyone has the ability to pay for pricier groceries or whatnot and that is totally fine).

And now here are some cute pics of AM…

Annmarie 246
Jeremy was trying to take some pictures of Annmarie but she kept on walking right into the camera lens.

Annmarie 167
Annmarie really digs playing in sprinklers.  We really need to get a yard and sprinkler for her (and yes, that will be coming and yes, I’ll write about it later).

Have a good weekend!



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4 responses to “I Can’t Think of a Good Title for this Post

  1. I totally believe in voting with your dollar as much as you can. Ultimately, those profits make it possible for corporations to give away cash (so they don’t have to pay taxes, but that’s another story for another day) to causes they supposedly believe in. So why not give them to the places that you now the cash is not going to something you are against? I try to support places that pay fair wages and benefits, stock safe ingredient body care products, who are tolerant, treat animals well…I buy organic when I can… the more we do this the more companies will shift their selling strategies, because whatever makes them money, they will do. Unfortunately I think a huge sector of the world has gotten used to cheap–things made with (I don’t mince words here) slave labor. I also think companies have gotten verrrrry sneaky about hiding unethical business practices, and HUGE corporations that own EVERYTHING make it difficult to source out affordable alternatives (or again, sneak things past people when they don’t realize the same corp that owns toothpaste also makes laundry detergent and food, for example.) And for my part as a media member, I do try to represent different ethnicities and ages. I also, as a wife of someone who makes their living through art and craft, support local artists and crafters when I can, and buy local when I can. (Or small, independently owned businesses, at least.)

  2. Robert Bolton

    The one place your shopping choices will definitely have an effect is in your heart.

  3. I totally agree with you. I think I learned that from my dad. He has lifelong bans on certain places for something that happened decades ago that nobody else remembers. I don’t think I’m quite as extreme as him. He’ll boycott based on one poor customer service experience. I wouldn’t be able to spend my money anywhere if I did that! But I do try to think about how I’m “voting with my dollars.”

  4. I ABSOLUTELY agree with your “vote with your dollars” theory. I’ve walked out of stores, restaurants, and bars while saying, “You know what, forget it, let’s just go to [insert one of their competitors here]” because I didn’t like something they did. Even if they could have corrected the behavior or refunded my bill or whatever, I leave anyway because they need to know that actions on their part caused their competitor to make money.

    On the other hand, we are at a place in our lives where our budget is tight, and sometimes principle has to take a backseat. Do I agree with 100% of Walmart’s practices? Not at all. But shopping there over the local chain means that our money goes further and we can eat more than Ricearoni for dinner. We try to spend our money places that are local and responsible and line up with our beliefs, but our principles definitely have a limit!

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