I Appreciate Politeness but…

I totally understand that we’ve come to a point in society where people know it is generally frowned upon to ask a woman if she’s pregnant. You never want to assume and then realize that you are wrong (because not only do you feel like an ass, you’ve probably hurt a woman’s feelings).

However… there is a point where politeness just seems ridiculous. On Monday, I received a “Congratulations!” from someone. I hadn’t realized that I never spoke about my pregnancy to this person though I don’t see them much. She proceeded to say, “I thought maybe you were pregnant but wasn’t sure so I didn’t want to say. But when I saw you put on that support belt at the gym, I knew.” (btw – I am back to wearing a pregnancy support belt at the gym for when I run jog).

But seriously?  You “suspected” but didn’t want to say anything?  This is what I look like right now (excuse the terrible phone pic taken in the gym):

I am 23 weeks pregnant. I am beyond the halfway mark and with this being my second pregnancy, I started showing MUCH sooner.  I’ve looked like this for quite some time now.

So while I appreciate the politeness of not assuming… COME ON!

Incidentally, I ran into someone I hadn’t seen in awhile that didn’t know I was pregnant.  And she said, “Wow – you must be due very soon!”  Yeah… I have another 4 months.

It really is amazing how by not sharing this news on Facebook, I’m met with lots of “whoa!  I had no idea!”  How did people communicate this type of news in the olden days?  🙂



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6 responses to “I Appreciate Politeness but…

  1. kristin

    I love the comments that include an assumption of how far along, which are usually way off and leave us wondering “what do I really look like right now?” I think you look perfectly and appropriately pregnant for 23 weeks. Like a magical pregnancy unicorn. 🙂

  2. monsterawr

    Normally, I would never assume that anyone was preggers. I once had someone ask me if I was knocked up when I was most definitely not, and it was awkward x 1,000.

    That being said, women like you are my exception. You don’t look fat, you look like a skinny girl who’s trying to shoplift a ham. Either you have a giant tumor in your belly or you’re pregnant, so I usually feel safe with the assumption.

  3. I’m laughing at Monsterrawr’s comment. You do look like a skinny girl trying to shoplift a ham! Meaning. You look great. And most definitely PG. I agree, some of that just goes too far. Or the people who eye your belly and wait for you to bring it up. That one always makes me laugh.

  4. Have you read my blog? Because, yes! I’m 24 weeks pregnant and people are still shocked when they find out. It’s not even that they suspect and don’t ask, it’s that they are genuinely surprised when I tell them. Dude, I have a BELLY! Yeah I’m a curvy girl, but come on.

    You look great, by the way. Super cute pregnant lady, you.

  5. Wow! You’re pregnant? I wish you would have written a letter to me to inform me of your good news.

  6. Ahhh – what comes out of people’s mouths 😉 And I didn’t think you were showing that early actually!

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