Pumpkin Patching

Do pumpkin patches even exist anymore?  Last year we went to a “pumpkin patch” and it was really just a farm that had some pumpkins on a table.  They offered some other kiddie activities but it wasn’t a patch like I envisioned (and perhaps my assumption stems from Charlie Brown).

This year I was determined to go to a better “patch”.  Lots of local parents recommended this particular farm so we decided to check it out this past Sunday.  And again, it was a farm with a TON of kiddie activities but their pumpkins were all in bins in a tent.  Really?  Where is a damn patch around here?

Here are some pics from the farm.  It was actually pretty cute and they definitely catered to entertaining small kids.  I’d go back but I still want to find an actual patch.

They had a mini maze and Annmarie LOVED it:
Annmarie 096
Annmarie 087

You could sort of feed goats (but they were separated by 2 layers of fence. This was probably to protect the children AND the goats. Annmarie definitely wanted to get closer.
Annmarie 111

There was a mini tractor pull thing. Jeremy rode in the cart with AM because he was sure she would just jump out of it (something she tends to do if she is “done” with something):
Annmarie 121

There were little play areas that I likened to Thunderdome. Small children are rough with each other!:
Annmarie 106

There was a slide (and it took several attempts to try to get Annmarie to realize that she couldn’t walk up the slide portion…):
Annmarie 135

And of course the obligatory insert your head into these photo op things:
Annmarie 156

Lastly – we tried to get her to pick some pumpkins. She went for ones she couldn’t lift at first:
Annmarie 165 70s

But then found one more her size…
Annmarie 167 70s

And I’ll end this pointless photo post with a rare photo of Annmarie actually participating and embracing the belly photo. This was taken on Monday. I am 28 weeks along…



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6 responses to “Pumpkin Patching

  1. Have you checked this site: http://www.pumpkinpatchesandmore.org/

    We did the pumpkin “patch” too (same sort of pumpkins on a table situation) and did the infamous head in a hole picture too!! 🙂

  2. Love the pic of her carrying the mini pumpkin!

  3. monsterawr

    A few things…

    1) Love Jeremy riding the little wagon. Would have been better if he’d been riding with his arms up and yelling, “WHEEEEE!”

    2) Love the picture of her carrying her little pumpkin because she totally has swagger.

    3) That picture of her with your belly…adorable. Just freakin’ adorable.

  4. Operation Pink Herring

    I went to the same place a few weeks ago for “apple picking” and was mighty disappointed that meant picking apples off their table. And during the week you couldn’t even pet the animals! Ripoff. We’ve gone to Lariland Farm in years past and they have actual pumpkin patches and real trees you can pick apples from.

  5. So cute, all of it. That last picture makes me especially happy.

  6. Yes they do exist! come with us next year!

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