Goodbye, Petie

Last week, we did one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. We had Petie, our beloved 16 year old dachshund, euthanized. He was diagnosed with a heart murmur (and other heart issues) and a collapsing trachea in the summer of 2011 and had been slowly declining since then.

Prior to our move out of Baltimore, Petie started to have chronic diarrhea (that we couldn’t get a clear diagnosis on). He started to lose weight. He went from a healthy and active 12 lb dog to a frail 8 lb dog that could barely stand because he was so weak. He had cataracts in both eyes (so couldn’t see anything). He just wasn’t Petie anymore.

So on Friday, January 4th we said goodbye to our friend. I’ve never done anything like this before and I am still shocked by how upset I am over the whole thing. I can’t talk about it without tearing up or crying. I was trying to put things into perspective (I mean… my DAD died 6 months ago) but this is just such a different experience.

Annmarie keeps saying, “Petie bye bye?” and “We see soon?” every day. And it breaks my heart a little bit.

Emily, Petie’s faithful sidekick for the last 11 years, seems to be doing okay. We’ve been spoiling the crap out of her (err… I have been spoiling the crap out of her with food and I recognize that we’re just going to end up with a really fat dog).

Goodbye, Petie. You were a great dog.

Petie at the Outer Banks in 2008

From Outer Banks
From Outer Banks

Petie at the Outer Banks in 2009:
beach 168

Meeting Annmarie for the first time in 2011:
The new family

Petie on January 2, 2013:



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12 responses to “Goodbye, Petie

  1. I’m still sad for you too. Losing a pet is awful, but having to make the decision to end your pet’s suffering is the worst. Hugs.

  2. I am so sorry, Kim. We just lost Argo in December and it’s upsetting and painful. I knew it would be, but the depth of it is stunning. I know what you’re going through and you have my utmost sympathy.

  3. It is so sad! And I think only other animal people understand just how much it hurts to lose a pet. I loved Petie!

  4. Robert

    Emo and I both had dogs, Kimmie. They are family, without a doubt.

  5. Stacy

    Kim, I’ve been thinking of you guys. I’m so sorry đŸ˜¦ My heart hurts for you guys. I love the picture of him on the kickboard…

  6. I’m so sad about this Kim. đŸ˜¦

  7. bmore beehive

    Ohmygosh, I cried reading this. We had to do the same last year with our daschund, Buddy. My thoughts are with you…

  8. Meredith

    Awww Kim – so sad about Petie. Glad Emily is hanging in there though. I had to put my childhood cat down about 15 years ago and I still tear up thinking about it to this day. It’s tough but it’s tougher to see them in so much pain. xoxo

  9. Traci

    Oh Kim, I’m so sorry to hear this! Sophie is only 5 but I sometimes find myself crying over the thought of her not being with me one day. Our pets are our children before we have children. And the depths of those feelings cannot be measured. Thinking of you guys!

  10. Don’t feel like you have to minimize or rush your grief. It’s so very, very hard to lose a furbaby. Thinking of you.

  11. Oh how awful! I can’t imagine what it’s like to say goodbye to a pet. I’m so sorry for your loss.

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